So today marks the second to the last day of the Texas State Fair. (Sigh). If you didn't know, I am obsessed with the fair
                     Here is the ferris wheel.                                                Here I am freaking out ON the ferris wheel because
                                                                                              my husband is shaking the ride!
So a couple of years ago my husband was convinced that we had to have a cowhide rug for our living room. I, was not. But guess what? He went to the fair, for a third time, and paid money to get in to buy this:
Well, it looks like I will have a new rug. Apparently, they are very durable (can last 25 years +), you can vacuum them, spill on them, throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier and they hold up. 
I guess we really are from Texas.
We bought them from 98 cows and look, they have a website. If you just have to have one too. Hey, you might!

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