These were the words uttered out of my mouth to my husband, before friends dropped by.

In my head I'm singing “Dude looks like a lady”

You see lately I've lost my knack to primp. I finally shaved my legs for the first time this month, THIS MONTH!! It's like I'm back in my all girl's Catholic high school days (we would have competitions).

When you can't leave the house you tend to let your self go a little. Or in my case, quite a bit.

See what I mean? Those roots. I could definitely use some major highlights. Oh and a trim. And let's get real. That face hasn't seen make up in a solid 3 weeks.

Sorry to the people coming over to see me. This is what you get.

Since I look like a debacle I decided to spruce myself up. Just a smidge. I like to use dry shampoo which I think helps to cover up your roots. I used Batiste in original. It's only about $6! And some Tarte Lisurgence Natural lip tint in “Moody.”

Here is my hair with the dry shampoo on it, you can see it's white.

Look how much happier and better I look.

P.S. Did you watch the debates last night? Here's how I currently feel:


P.P.S. Magic Mike is out on DVD today. You're welcome!

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