This is a sponsored post, thanks to
AMC Theatres and Coca-Cola Freestyle, but all opinions are my own.
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 It's a well known fact that I'm a diet coke lover. The second fact is that popcorn is my favorite food.
Specifically, the movie theater kind. My ideal night is going to the
movies, getting a big diet coke and a popcorn, and being with friends.
But sometimes I like to change it up a bit, add in some new flavors and
include some new friends. Which makes AMC Theatres with CocaCola Freestyle Machines
the perfect combination.

Have you guys seen the coke freestyle machines? Literally 1,000s of
drink combinations all at the touch of a button.. And
currently they're at select AMC Theatres.
I got together with Michael and some friends to go see the new Hunger Games movie. I was feeling particularly flavorful, so I chose the Diet Coke with Cherry and Vanilla flavor.
Michael wanted something that was caffeine free and calorie free, luckily he had a plethora of choices with Coca-Cola freestyle. He chose Diet Sprite mixed with orange flavor. Both were delicious, but I'm sticking to my Diet Coke. And you might have to fight me for it if you want a sip. 
As for the Hunger Games, I HIGHLY recommend it. I read a few bad reviews but I couldn't disagree more. It was intense and concise, true to the book, and I can't wait for the last installment of the series. Out of the three movies so far this one is my favorite. Yes, Jennifer Lawrence cries a lot. But I was on my edge of my red clothed seat the whole movie and I even put the popcorn down at one point. 
Have you seen the movie? What movies are you looking forward to this Holiday season?
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