Summer is a little slice of heaven. I truly feel my mood elevated. Maybe it's the temperature or the idea that I can get in a pool if I really wanted, but it just makes me feel happy.
I think I look back on my life based on Summers. That's usually when I take a big trip or do something important. But there is one important summer that sticks out. The Summer of 2004. This is the Summer Michael and I met and maybe that's why I measure life by how wonderful my summer was.

Look how lucky he is? He got to marry someone that picked a blue drink on purpose so that it would be another color to go with her neon outfit. Nope, I'm not kidding and I was 100% sober. I'm just very odd.

This summer is already shaping up to be pretty freaking fantastic. While everyone was planning their USA gear for the World Cup, I was deciding which shades of neon to pair with my “USA all the way” hat. We went to see Dada Life at a relatively new bar in Dallas called SISU.
Think Vegas style, with a pool, DJ booth and plenty of rowdy people. It was an absolute blast, even if we were missing one of the Da's of Dada life (maybe he was sick?! not sure but I was a little peeved). Regardless, it was bananas.

The hits were played like “Kick Out The Epic,” “So Young So High,” and my personal favorite “Rolling Stone T-Shirt.” Michael and I were the only ones to get in the pool out of our friends. But I had a good reason.

People who clearly had too much to drink, were jumping in and out of the pool, not worrying about their phones or wallets. At one point, one guy jumps in and I see money fluttering to the bottom of the pool. He gets out and doesn't return. No one care's about this money. I look over at my friends and tell them hey, there's money in the pool. I couldn't tell how much but you can bet your bottom dollar, literally, that I wasn't going to let money be destroyed. So I hopped in and grabbed it and ended up with….
Two whole dollars. Oh well. It was still worth it.

Thug life? Also, I look like a male in this picture and it scares me. Sometimes you have to post pictures for the blog, regardless.

I would call this a Sunday very Funday.

Who knew I would meet this guy in the Summer of 2004 and wind up dancing on tables with him Summer of 2014? Life is weird and awesome.

Do you measure your life in Summers?

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