How To Be Instagram Famous

How To Be Instagram Famous

It seems like Instagram is the new it thing. And frankly, I’m obsessed with it.
But how do some of these people get so many likes and followers?
How do they become Instagram Famous
AKA Instafamous?
Well I have a theory…
1. #Hashtag it
image via
It seems like almost every photo has about 4,000 hashtags. This helps your photos to be found more easily and it really junks up the screen. #Winning
2. Take Lots of Selfies. 
Really get up in your face with it. Maybe put a lil boob in there. That will help. 
3. Be a famous person already.

image via

Those seem to be real popular.
4. Food pics.
image via
People love to look at food. They are always hungry.
5. Dogs
Sorry not cats.
6. Post a One Direction Photo

image via
7. Lastly and most importantly, be a teenage girl, making a duck face. 
Instant success.

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  • Hahaha. YES. YES to everything.

  • Or get your photo taken with a celeb, eating cake, in a low cut shirt! It will go viral for sure πŸ˜‰

    Some Snapshots Blog

  • ???? I'm dying! All of them! So so funny!!!!

  • I love this. SO much. Especially the one about junking up the screen aka WINNING. xo Tweeting this. xo


  • Bahaha love love love!

  • Crap… I really gotta work on my duck face. Wait, I'm not a teenage girl. I guess I'll just never be InstaFamous!

  • Cake #prednisonemunchies

  • Did you use that last picture bc it's the girls from PLL?! HAHAHA.

  • What if you're a 20-something girl making a duck face? I may have a chance for internet fame yet! (At least I'm able to blame the alcohol on this poor facial expression decision, right?!)

  • Over-hashtagging is SO annoying!

  • If you can combine all of the above then you become the Instagram Goddess.

  • People love to look at food. They are always hungry- No truer words were ever spoken! I think that's why Pinterest is so popular. True story

  • Ahhh my brother went through a phase… literally would hashtag EVERYTHING. He said he knew the "top 15 most searched hashtags" and was putting it on every picture. Can't stand it!

  • hahahahahaha I've read so many rants about Insta and how people hate food photos – but my food photos are some of my most liked photos, so then what?

    Anyway, the million hashtags people do drive me bonkers. And why do people care to have a bunch of Instagram followers anyway? I rather know who it is liking my photos, makes it more fun I think

  • hahaha! I love it. Especially #3.

  • So, that cake looks disgusting but so pretty at the same time. I'm sad that cats don't get the same play as dogs. But I do have boobs so there's that.

  • Gahh! The duck face!! I hate the duck face! I'll risk being an Instagram loser (instaloser) to avoid the duck face. Haha!

  • Oh man, so true! All of it! I love looking at celebrity instagram feeds and reading all of the comments from their fans. Some of them are so ridiculous.

    Also, dogs for the win! Cats are icky. πŸ™‚

  • This is dead on. I say ok to grumpy cat though. That never gets old (to me).

    What is with the girls on the "popular page" with 4563453 likes and the same amount of followers. WHO ARE THEY?!

  • ha! my instagram photos are 90% of my dogs, 9% of food and about 1% other. i took a selfie the other day and felt soooo self-conscious after!

  • Bahahahahaha!!! This is so funny and TRUE!! Some of these people have like a half a million followers, it's crazy!! "Sorry no cats" HILARIOUS!!

  • you totally went into my brain and took my idea for blogging next week!!!!

    so true…….

  • If I see more than four or five hashtags, I have a seizure.

  • or start a fake celeb page and post a boob shot! Your followers will go up fo'sho!

  • duck face for the win!

  • I think what you mean by #2 is get a boob job, buy a shirt that has such a deep V that you can see most of your new boobs, then post it on Instagram. πŸ˜‰

    I get so puzzled by some of these hashtags. Especially #instagram. Um, WHAT? DUH YOU'RE USING INSTAGRAM! How is that a reasonable hashtag?!?!

  • i am dumbfounded by hashtags!! I will use the #ootd or #ootn or #catstagram/ cats of instagram but that's it!! I'm ok with not being Instagram famous…i had to privatize my account because one of my current (13yr old) students added me!! and while I am well over 21, the tattoo and drinking pics aren't exactly student appropriate….the current student is the sister of one of my former graduated student I am close to …but still!!

  • Bahahaha. I'm totally a hashtagger on Instagram – GUILTY.

    But this post made me LOL big time.

  • couldnt get any more accurate!! But YUMMMMM that cake looks delish!!!

  • I love this. obviously.

  • Ha ha, yes! I'm off to take selfies of me with duck lips and boobs hanging out all while eating cake πŸ˜€ then hashtagging the hell out of it.

  • lol any more than a few hashtags drives me nuts!! i've got the selfies and dog pics down though! πŸ™‚

  • BAHA this is oh so true. I never understood the 1,000 hashtags… ain't nobody got time for that!

  • HAH all of your pointers are correct especially the NO cats! LOL

    XO Chelsea

  • it's funny 'cause it's true. #greatpost πŸ˜‰

  • Dying over sorry no cats and be a teenage girl making a duck face *tears*

  • you are so funny. thank you for making me laugh. i really liked the teenage duck face one.

  • This post is so accurate…lol. Love it πŸ™‚

  • no cats! And I ever need some research done, I'm calling you. mk? mk.

  • I am kinda new to instagram, but people search hashtags for stuff? I thought you were just supposed to look at your friends pictures?! And I wish I had a dollar for every selfie I saw…I wouldn't blog, i'd be too busy getting drunk on my yacht. lol

  • Ha! I hate when one pic has 4000 hashtags. So annoying!

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  • Hahaa!! yes!! Another one to add is cute, squishy babies πŸ™‚

    It's so true about the food, though. People are always hungry (me…I'm always hungry)

  • Hahah this is cute! I did an instagram link up this week! You should join!

  • Haha! I guess I better start putting up more hashtags. I already take a million photos of my dogs πŸ™‚

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    $50 PayPal Giveaway!

  • I think I need more hashtags. I already take too many dog photos… but do I use hashtags? Sometimes.

    Thanks for the tips. πŸ˜‰

  • the overabundance of hashtags make my head explode. but dogs are on point.

    and was that jenelle evans??

    hastag instamess

  • YES!! As usual, you are hilarious and on point.

    Sorry not cats. <- that made me spit out my water.

  • I usually forget hash tags. I am trying to do better but me and duck face only makes me look like I am farting.

  • So true!

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  • Hahah!! This was some great comedic relief I needed!! I was totally looking how to bump my IG numbers for real and this made me giggle and nod my head! Thanks!

  • Hilarious! This is brilliant…some of those tips might come in handy!
    Katie x

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