“Don’t give me junk.” These are the instructions my Mom has given me again and again. What she means is, she wants something that she can use or is practical. I respect that! So I’ve collected 10 of the best gifts to give your Mom this Mother’s Day. These are great gifts to celebrate any woman in your life. 

All of these gifts can be ordered in time for Mother’s Day!

English Countryside Candle – I really can’t think of a better gift for Mom. Since we can’t venture to England right now, why not bring this perfect Spring scent at home? I’m a bit biased as this is my candle line, but Nostalgic Candles aren’t just candles, each tells a story.

Every candle is inspired by my travels and features an image from my journey. 

Float through fields of yellow daffodils, ancient castles and narrow stone fences to reach the mesmerizing English Countryside! Bright green grass, the white cliffs of Dover, lambs bleating, my Pride & Prejudice dreams come to life!

Bonus points: no allergies! Scents notes: sweet bourbon, spicy wild oats, and windswept meadows 

Audible – I love this gift because it’s not going to take up any space in the home! I also love the idea of listening to books and then discussing them together. Both my Mom and I recently read (and ADORED) The Midnight Library, so if you’re looking for a good listen, I highly recommend that one. 

Barefoot Dreams Blanket – This blanket has quite the story (as in it’s my favorite luxury blanket and Michael put it on top of the car to return wood to Home Depot before I discovered him! Full story here) and is not cheap but totally worth it. There are lots of patterns and colors to choose from. 

Silk Pillow Case – AKA the only pillow case I will ever use. I actually bring it with me when I travel. I think this is a perfect gift for Mom. 

Aira Steamer – I already gifted this to my Mom and she is obsessed. She keeps it by her laptop and after she’s done writing, she’ll use some essential oils to help open up her pores and before she puts on moisturizer. I do too. I do anything my mom recommends for skin since she has the best!

Colleen Rothschild – This is my all time favorite skin care line, and now, my Mom’s as well! Not only are they running a sale with 50% off gifts, with code “Mom15” you can get 15% off everything. Some recommendations: Discovery Collection – travel sizes of all my favorite products, body butter trio – perfect to treat yourself, or honey vanilla body bundle. Also she just came out with a sunscreen! 

Personalized Cutting Board – I LOVE anything personalized for a gift and this one is also useful. I’m also shocked by how affordable this is! You can even use hand writing on the cutting board- so cool.

Winc Membership – I myself am a Winc member! Take a short quiz and Winc will send you 4 bottles of high quality wine. My mom would rather die than be caught without wine for when people come over. This ensures she’s never without. 

Riedel Wine Glasses – My Mom has a theory that wine actually tastes better in Riedel. We have tested it before and there’s just something about this glass that makes wine drinking more elegant. Hand crafted in Austria and Germany, these glasses are sophisticated yet clean. Perfect addition to anyone’s shelf. 

Air Fryer – My Mom has this and uses it all the time. It makes it easy to cook delicious, healthy food. It’s sturdy but not heavy and has incredible reviews on Amazon. You can make anything from chicken wings to chocolate chip cookies. It also comes with a recipe book.

So there you have it! 10 perfect gifts for Mom.