What is it with bloggers and coffee? I'm totally guilty too, I admit it. It's the perfect accessory and keeps me hopped up enough to get up early and get cracking in the morning. I've put together some of my favorite coffee lover gifts that look just as good as they taste.

Can we talk about these coffee mugs? YOU GUYS. These are seriously the cutest ones I've ever seen. Not only are they cute, they are so sturdy. They are made with thick ceramic. I popped one in the oven for a couple minutes the other day and it kept my coffee hot for hours. HOURS. Plus it just felt so good in my hands. Her shop is filled with THE CUTEST mugs. I want to buy one for everyone in my life.



Scarf // Hat // candle // Mug // Socks // Rug


Did I mention she also has wine glasses? Basically, your holiday shopping is done. The only problem you're going to have is choosing between the adorable red “Merry Everything Happy Always” OR the blue, “Darling it's Cold Outside.”


Just get both.


One for you, one for your friend. Am I right? Shop every thing here.

I have to admit something. I didn't know what I was missing in life until I had this French Press. WHAT. This is the best at home coffee (and tea, for that matter) that I've ever had in my life. I am not kidding. This French press from El Gato Malo makes it very very easy to make coffee. It's a beautiful stainless steel cylinder that's easy to store and make the most delicious coffee.

elgatomalo gato-malo-from-above

My theory is, when you have this French press, you spend less money going out to get a drink. If you like coffee or tea, put this on your wish list for Christmas this year. It would make the PERFECT gift. I was so impressed, I bought one for my Dad for Christmas (the ultimate coffee lover MVP.)



I can say I've used it almost every day since I got it. I also put my chai tea inside and it makes the foamiest, most delicious tea… ever.


It's also on sale right now for a ridiculous price! Check it out here.

To go along with all this coffee you're drinking, why not wear your pride? You know, espresso yourself. Sorry, had to.


I love this comfy and cute sweatshirt. Plus, If I spill no one can tell.

Lastly, give someone the gift of actual coffee, with Starbucks Christmas blend . Right now, Starbucks is having a sale on all online orders – with 25% site wide and free shipping. I'm ordering… this mug (because it looks like whipped cream), and this one… because it looks just lie their red cups! And lastly this is the perfect gift if you want to impress a boss or parent. When you buy this mug, for the whole MONTH of January they get FREE coffee or tea. Ok, or you can just get it for yourself.


What's on your list for your caffeinated heart?