The best things in life come in handy, easy to pack and store. Or wait… is that free? Who believes that saying anyway? it's the holidays and it's time to start thinking about those gifts. So here are the best holiday gifts for the traveler in your life. Which, shouldn't we all? My answer is yes!


Shoes // Handmade Box // Back pack // Vest // Journal // Shirt // Socks // Charger // Mug // Curling Iron // Map

First up, I have my new favorite hair tool. I don't even know how this is possible, but here it is: a curling iron and straighter in one. I'm not going to lie, at first I was skeptical. But it makes the prettiest, soft beach waves (or you can make curlier curls, just depends on how you hold it). Or, you can do stick straight hair. Having a tool that does both, combined is so ideal, especially for limited space. AND you pay one price for two tools. This has been the perfect way to do my hair for events and parties and I don't leave home without it. The Tyme iron is seriously the coolest invention.



The Adventure Begins mug is the perfect way to start your day. It's the classic white, blue and red and is made of tin so it's easy to pack! Yes, this will not break, so you can bring it camping, road tripping, or even in a suitcase.


Mug (similar) // White Down Comforter

If you want to really tell someone that you love them, give them this fluffy white down comforter. Seriously, we do not turn on the heat (no, really) and this keeps us warm. It's the best gift we've given ourselves this year. It packs up nicely in a vacuum sealed bag.

I'm totally team vests this year. It keeps you super warm, they are easy to pack, and they are a great accessory to really jazz up your outfit. There are so many cute (and affordable!) options from Meesh and Mary.


Speaking of this online shop, if you haven't looked yet, you are CRAZY. This is my go-to for cute, great priced clothing and the shipping is super fast… and FREE. Literally the answer to your holiday prayers.

My new favorite way to remember our travels is to have a little map of every where we go. I love this gold foil printed one and it makes the perfect gallery wall. My other favorite is for a full size map of the world and you “pin” where you've been. I gave one to Michael two years ago and he still says it's his favorite gift of all time.


My most used purchase this year is a tie. One is a shoe, and one is my portable phone charger. Both are necessary. My white sneakers were worn almost everyday, and I don't intend on stopping. They are the best to run around in, walk for miles, and still look cute.


The second most used purchase is this lipstick sized portable charger. I did my research and this is the best one out there, hands down. It works like a charm and slips easily into my cross body bag. Never leave home without it.

I always carry a journal with me, no matter what. It's the best way to remember my travels. I have started doing this since age 14 when I went to London. It's how I look on what I did and remember all the details.


Journal / Pen / Rug / Rings / Bracelet

The next bundle is for the person who has it all, or the one you're too stumped to get a gift for. GlobeIn is a company based out of San Francisco and they feature curated artisan-made products from various corners of the world while providing jobs to artisans and making an impact in their communities through fair pay, employment of women and disabled artisans, and partnerships with various charities.

You pick a box based on what you love (or what you think the receiver might love) and you'll receive the box full of beautiful items, hand made, from around the world. There's also the option to be come a subscriber (the gift that keeps on giving!) and get a new box every month. It's not just wonderful items, you can feel good because you know you're giving back.


I opted for the cozy box which includes a hand woven palm leaf basket from Mexico (which would also make a great gift for a friend). A 100% cotton scarf from the mountains of Thailand. Ghanaian cocoa powder that tastes delicious with warm milk. And my favorite, this exquisite mug  from Nabeul, a city on the Mediterranean coast of northeastern Tunisia and the center of Tunisian pottery. I use it as a vase and a mug!


Check out all the GlobeIn options here.

I am a jewelry fanatic, but love when something has a purpose or meaning to it. I adore these simple and unique handcrafted bracelets from Bali from Wanderer Bracelets. I was thrilled to pick out some bracelets that had some meaning to me. I got a pineapple bracelet, because of course. The triangle bracelet. And the coordinates bracelet, so I always take a piece of home (Dallas, Texas) with me!



You can customize them, choose colors, and more. PLUS they have free shipping in the US. This is the perfect gift for those that love to wander.

I have a bit of a sock obsession. In that, I have to be wearing them. I love these cozy fleece lined socks. So much so, that I now own 3 pairs. These socks are the comfiest, fleece lined, little slices of heaven. Plus, they look cute.


Lastly, my favorite tee, “Let's Get Festive.” The perfect shirt for Christmas morning, under a cozy cardigan, or, if you're lucky and the weather is nice, with jeans and boots. I own almost every shirt from Taylor's shop and I can tell you, I get compliments ALL. THE. TIME. Order one size up and you'll be the cutest one at the holiday party, guaranteed.

lets-get-festiveLet's Get Festive Tee

The best part? I can fit all of the above in one back pack, even this small and handy one. I am hoping to upgrade my backpack this year and get a few more things for our travels! Do you have any upcoming trips planned?