I blab on and on about how much I love music. My style of music is little bit different. So, when I find someone that loves it equally as much as I do, I get a little excited. Just kidding, I freak out and ask them to be my best friend.

Kindred spirits.

Jordyn, over at The Fairy Princess Diaries (who is gorgeous and looks like a princess) and I have teamed up with our mutual love of everything electronic music for the ultimate gift guide: A gift guide for music lovers. And not just any music lovers, those of the electronic dance music kind.

Jordyn and I got together and picked out some of the essentials for going to a music festival, ready to rage. I would like to think that we know a thing or two about music festivals, so we are here to give you our picks for our wish list.


Clothing: “Eat Sleep Rave” Shirt|“Stay Weird”Tank|Shorts|Glitter Toms

Bags: Backpack|Fanny Pack

Hair Accessories: Flower Crown|Hairchalk|Unicorn Hat

Accessories: Bracelet|Glowsticks

Music: Avicii True

Need some tunes to get you in the mood? Avicii's album “True” is amazing. Literally, every song is a must listen. Now that we've set the scene it's time to get dressed. A tank or a tee, you want to make a statement. Whether it's to “stay weird” or “eat sleep rave repeat” you can't go wrong with these. Comfort is key, but we also want to look cute, so opting for some glitter pink Toms shoes kills two birds with one stone. It's important to not let a bag weigh you down, I chose a sequin fanny pack and Jordyn opted for a psychedelic backpack. I'll take either under my Christmas tree.

It's fun to go a little crazy and use some hair chalk to make your hair the colors of the rainbow- without it looking like that forever. What's a rave without some neon jorts- they scream comfort and sophistication. Just kidding, they yell, I'm here to party. As they should. Gotta accessorize with a flower crown, for the boho chic or a unicorn hat, if you want to really stand out. And lastly, top it off with a little more neon with a bracelet of glowsticks.

Merry Christmas to us.

Now go say hi to Jordyn and check out her take on our picks! And guess what?! She's offering one lucky winner a $20 iTunes giftcard so you can pick your favorite songs to rave to!