The nights are longer, the temperature hotter, the colors bolder and brighter. Summer is here! Which also means editing your photos in a different way. I've created free Summer Mobile Lightroom Presets for you to use on all your Instagram pictures or travel shots. These are the perfect way to make your photos look fresh for the new season.

Whether you're going for an airy and light feed, you want to show off a splash of color, or you want to add a spark to your summer nights, these edits are the best way to show off your beautiful photos and make them pop on Instagram.

First and foremost, I only edit my photos that I share on my blog and Instagram in Lightroom. It's the absolute best way to edit your photos.

In this post, I'm going to break down my brand new FREE Summer Mobile Presets. So, what is a preset? A preset is a simple way of saying the edits that go into the photo with click of a button. The shadows, the manipulation of colors, or the clarity of the image. With a preset, you choose one and you have a bunch of small changes take effect with one click. You can, of course, continue to edit your photo from there. But many of these presets work in a simple click and your photo is ready to share.

Lightroom Mobile Vs Desktop

What's the difference between Lightroom Mobile and Desktop? Mainly, cost and features. The desktop version of Lightroom is more robust and you also pay monthly for it. Where as Lightroom Mobile is completely free. You just need to download the mobile app.

I still prefer to edit in Lightroom Desktop and have a whole tutorial on how to use that right here. I also have Free Desktop presets if you're interested.

How to Edit Your Presets to Create Your Own Aesthetic

I highly recommend to use these presets to create YOUR own unique look. Once you download the presets feel free to put your own spin on them. Then, once you've achieved the desired look, you can actually save that so you can use that again and again. Yet another reason why I love Lightroom.

Here's how.

First and foremost, download and install the free mobile presets I've created for you. If you get stuck check out this video tutorial and written guide.

Next, apply the preset to any of your photos. For this example, I'll use “Light and Bright”.

You could, of course, stop here if you're happy with how this looks. But you can also edit it a bit to make it your own. For this photo I'm going to decrease the shadows and lower the blacks in the “Light” section in Lightroom.

In the color section I'm going to select “mix” on the middle right. Then I can adjust the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance of each color.

For example, if the sky is overwhelmingly blue I will lower the saturation of the blue. If I feel like the image is too orange then I can up the Luminance of the orange or decrease the temperature (in the “Light section”) of the yellow, making it cooler toned. When you're done editing the colors, click “Done.”

From here, you can go into the other sections in Lightroom mobile such as “Effects” or “Detail” to further edit the image. Then when you're satisfied with your edit, click the three buttons on the top right on the app and click “Create Preset.”

Name your preset whatever you like and make sure to click all of the options below so you get the same effect every time. Click the check on the top right and you now have your own preset to use every time.

For even more details on how you can edit your photos in Lighroom, check out this guide.

Free Mobile Presets

I've created three presets that are perfect for summer. Below you can see before and afters of each preset as well as an easy way to download them! Yes, these are completely free!

All of the photos used below have been edited in one click, unless otherwise noted. That way you can get an idea of exactly how these will transform your photos.

Here's a look at all 3 presets side by side:

Preset 1: Light & Airy

To me, Summer is all about capturing the moment. This preset helps you show off your beautiful bright and bold colors and the emotions that come out in your images. I like to use this preset for city scapes, bright flowers, or for an indoor shot.

Preset 2: Summertime Blues

Great for beach scenes or anything with a lot of skies, this preset makes sure your blues pack a punch. I love using this on my shots of Croatia or photos from the Greek islands.

Preset 3: Dreamy Daze

If you want your photos to encapsulate the feelings of those long summer days, dreamy sunsets, or captured moments then look no further than this preset. Great for your skin tone, it brings out the warm summer sun. You know when you just wake up from a lovely nap after a long day at the pool? This preset will make you feel all good inside.

This step-by-step tutorial guide shows you exactly how to download your presets!

If you want even more Lightroom presets for mobile, check out these right here!

Grab your presets here:

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