You know what I have the hardest time deciding? No, it's not my nail color. It's not gifts for others. It's gifts for myself. Michael asks me: Hey, what do you want for Christmas? And I always tell him to pick me out something he thinks I would like. Then he rolls his eyes and makes an excel spreadsheet of the exact dimensions and location for what he wants. Men, am I right?! In order to help you out (and, let's face it, myself out) I'm coming up with some of the best gifts for every blogger. Oh and you'll want to stick around for the bottom of this post for a giveaway.

Hat // Socks // Mug

Sunglasses // Lip stick // Light box // T-shirt

Make up organizer // Phone stand // Make up bag // Portable charger

Popcorn maker // Faux fur wrap // Bag // Camera

The good stuff

Shop Savvy

Let's get real, we all want to save money when we shop. So I shop online religiously with Ebates. You earn cash back for shopping as you normally would! It's a no brainer.

Cute Mug

Bloggers tend to drink a lot of caffeine. But, did you really drink coffee unless you shared that you are drinking coffee? No. We'd like a cute mug so that we can share our coffee drinking skills online, please. I've had my mugs from Darling Savage for over a year and they are still my go to. They are big and thick mugs that keep everything super warm.

Fave Tee

Bloggers want to be able to make a statement. Even if we aren't talking or typing. I'd like my shirt or sweatshirt to do it for me too. The Daily Tay has the best tees and sweatshirts I've ever worn. Whether you want to hang with your dog, go on vacation, stay cozy, or get into the holiday spirits (not a typo), she's got your covered. Well, your top half at least.

Light Up Box

This is my favorite new toy. It's the perfect desk decor. I can use it to make announcements (like “Leave me Alone”), or create a message for images that I share on my Instagram or blog.

Popcorn Maker

You know when we're burning the midnight oil trying to finish editing a blog post it would be nice to have a snack. One that's delicious and warm that we can just pop into our mouths. I'm a popcorn devotee and this machine is one of the best out there.

Bold Lip

I'm a lipstick fanatic. Yes, I moved overseas with just two suitcases but managed to cram in 50 + lipsticks. I've tried them all. But the Sephora Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick is a great price and stays on forever. I'm obsessed with shades 18 & 25.

Listen up

One of my favorite ways to read books is actually listening to them. I listen to a book a week via Audible. It's my FAVORITE. You can see all my fave reads right here.

Stay Cozy

I'm a sucker for a good scarf. This oversize faux fur wrap looks luxury but its under $75! Comes in multiple colors and would dress up an outfit or perfect for a glam night out. Or let's get real, you can just snuggle up wearing this while watching Stranger Things.

Hats Off

One of the best (and easiest gifts) in my opinion is one that goes on your head. You don't have to guess sizing. This cute cable knit faux-fur trim hat is the perfect gift!

Sock it to me

I am sock obsessed. I just can't help but wear warm, fuzzy socks around the house this time of year. These are so cute (ship free!) and have pom poms on them so… they're awesome.

So Shady

I love these chic rounded frame sunglasses. They're bit of a splurge but will last a long time.

Take Me Away

Perfect Place

Why not treat yourself to a stay at an AirBnB. I feel like AirBnB has upped their game on cool and unique homes and places to stay. Virtually every where on earth you can find one. Use this link and you can save $40!

Lock it up

I always ALWAYS carry a lock on my bag. I most often travel with a backpack or crossbody bag and I always have a lock on it. But it can be frustrating when you need to get something out and you either: 1. fish for a key (that you would lose) or 2. have to remember your code as you fiddle with opening your bag. This Clever Fingerprint Lock saves you from all of that.

Stay Organized

I recently posted about how I packed for 19 days in one carry on backpack. One of the best ways to do that is to keep everything in a multi functional bag. My Kusshi makeup bag is my go to. It's leather, it has multiple compartments, opens up all the way so I can find what I need, and I can wash it! It's been a game changer for packing.

Bag Lady

Speaking of bags, I only carry one kind of purse, and that's a crossbody bag. I am also super loyal to Fossil bags. They last forever, aren't overpriced, and are great quality. I've had the same brown leather crossbody bag for 5 years so I'm excited to get the new Campbell Crossbody bag!

Power Up

This power charger is one of my most recommended travel accessories. It's small, ultra powerful, and the perfect stocking stuffer. I don't leave home without it!

Practical necessities

eMail It Out

I've been blogging for quite a long time, and I know that newsletters are necessary. They are how you stay connected, make sales, and drive traffic to your blog (among other things). I've tested many but I feel strongly that Convertkit is best.

Haven't started a blog yet? NO PROBLEM! I have a free course on starting a profitable blog from scratch. MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS!

Start A Profitable Blog from Scratch

A free email course to show you how to start a blog, step-by-step!

Powered by ConvertKit

Best Shot

This is an expensive but awesome gift that will last you for years and years to come. I break down how to find a buy the right camera for you in this post. Of course, it's an investment, but one you'll use regularly to grow your blog.

Cell Phone Stand

If you use your phone to watch videos, scroll through Instagram, use it as your recipe cards, or want to film yourself, you need a phone stand. This one lets you use it even if you have it plugged in to the charger.

Grow Your Blog

One of the best things to give a blogger is the gift of success! Whether it's learning to leverage your worth, make money, grow your following, increase pageviews, or find a community Blog Boss Babe is the answer. With helpful resources from me and top mentors from around the blogging landscape (travel, beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, youtube, SEO, etc.) you're sure to find out what works for you.

The Big Holiday Giveaway! #HelenefortheHolidays

Okay I am REAL excited for this. I was thinking and polling you all on what you were wanting to win. Here's the thing, I wanted to do a giveaway because I wanted to say a big thank you for everything you do and for sticking around and following my story. I knew one thing: I wanted to do multiple giveaways in a way that would benefit everyone that follows me. But I didn't want to be too traditional. Then it hit me! I'm going to be giving away something on every social channel or the ones that bring you to read my blog. So that means I'm doing 5 giveaways, one on my: blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and email list. Each channel will have a different prize.

In order to win the prize just follow the steps on each giveaway. So you'll have 5 chances to win 5 different prizes! First up is the blog giveaway. You can win…

An iPad Mini and $100!!

Super easy to enter and win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The next giveaway will be happening on Facebook, so make sure you're following me there!