It's been a whirlwind week and it's only the beginning! When I first started blog consultations (over a year ago) I never thought it would turn into online courses that 100s are joining. Because of this I wanted to have a new site, dedicated specifically to these courses. Something interactive where the user experience was exceptional and a place where they could access everything again and again.

Quit You Job to Blog - An e-course for bloggers! #blogtips

I'm excited to announce my brand new course site designed to give you the best user experience possible. Take a look here!

Since I hit another milestone this week: 10,000 followers on Bloglovin‘ (!) and with my new course site I wanted to give you the chance to win my brand new e-course for bloggers: Quit Your Job to Blog.

If you've already purchased the course you can still enter for your chance to be reimbursed! Remember, the price is going up next week for the course, so get in while you can! Currently, this full e-course, webinar, and private community are only $157. Click here to purchase or check out payment options here.


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