I wanted to do a small recap about what's going on lately, since I haven't done that in months. And thought it would also be a good excuse to also include the new shop! Stay til the end of this post for a never seen before surprise.

P.s. if you're just here for the shop check it out right here!

Travel updates

I'm currently writing this from Romania where I'll be for the next couple weeks seeing Bucharest, Sarata Monteoru, the Muddy Volcanoes, Roman, Neamt Citadel, Marginea village, Voronet Monastery, Voronet Monastery, see Dracula's Castle (right around Halloween!), Targu Mures Medieval Fortress, Sighisoara, Avrig, Brasov, Bran Castle and a few other things in between. You could say it's a packed itinerary.

Before that I was in Denmark and Sweden for a week, home for 2 days, Austria for a week, home for 1 day, Munich for 3, home for 2,  Italy for 9 days, home for 7 days, now I'll be in Romania for 19 days. I have never in my life traveled like this. I'm learning that this isn't my style. I need longer breaks at home to rest and work.

With all this traveling, a lot was without Michael. For the first time since college we spent 9 days apart. It was really difficult to balance home life, travel life, and spending time together. When I got back from Italy I spent most of my time working and catching up. We end up spending the most time together when we travel. So I always look forward to our trips.

Life updates

My parents are coming end of November and beginning of December and I can't wait! I haven't seen my Dad in over a year which is crazy to me. I do want to touch on my feeling of homesickness since I've had some responses. Yes, sometimes I do miss home a lot. Life here is vastly different (read what I've learned about Germans since moving to Germany). But that doesn't mean I dislike it. I'm having a blast. I think I'm happy about 90% of the time and try to show that on social media. But think it's important to share the ups and downs. Life isn't always glamorous. And that's okay.

Blog updates

I have a new logo! I asked my Mom what she thought and I was sold when she said the “b” in between reminded her of the “bewitched” logo. She was talking about how the witch, Samantha, could wiggle her nose and be anywhere. My Mom sweetly said that's what Michael and I did. While I wish VERY MUCH I had that super power, I'll take living abroad.

Do you ever think to yourself: I have no idea what I'm doing?

Guess what? We all do. We can't do it all. I just hired a graphic designer (insert confetti here) and OH MY GOD why did I wait so long? The thing is, we can't do it all. NO ONE CAN. Except for maybe Beyonce. But even she has help, y'all.

In reality, we all have our own strengths and areas we kick butt in. That's why I thought it was high time for me to create my shop.

I wouldn't call myself a procrastinator. It's just that sometimes things in your life come up (trips to Italy for 9 days) and you put things on the back burner. But today I'm glad to finally introduce my shop! Inside you'll find my membership site, my Lightroom presets, and my Instagram ebook!

There are pages for each, or an overview over on the shop page.

I wanted a way to make it easy and seamless for you to get what you need.

I'm not great at cleaning the house, organizing (just ask my husband), chopping onions, decorating, or working out regularly. You won't see a course from me on graphic design, YouTube, or Flipboard. But I do have a handle on:

  • Helping you grow your blog where it counts
  • Editing photos in an easy way that looks professional
  • Boosting your growth and engagement on Instagram

I believe in sticking with what I know. And I feel like those three things might as well be the back of my hand. So with that said… check out the shop!

To celebrate the launch I'm offering something I have NEVER done before: 15% off EVERYTHING!

If you've been around for long, you know I don't offer discounts, ever. So this is unprecedented! I can't wait for you to check it out and find something that will help you grow!

Use code: SHOP to save 15% on everything in the shop! HURRY this expires in…

Inside you'll find TWO sets of Lightroom presets, Wander and Warm! I've never released warm before, so it is brand new. It's (clearly) what I've been using on all my Instagram shots lately. Here's a quick preview:


Edited with preset: “Pumpkin”


Edited with preset: “Sweater Weather”



Edited with preset: “Hot Chocolate”

These are all from the “Warm” pack!

See the 7 other presets and the whole shop right here!