The world is changing, y'all. You no longer HAVE to go to a high-rise building in order to get your work done. Instead, the work at home job scene is booming and I welcome this change. Before I started blogging full time, I worked at home for two different companies. The first, as a social media and marketing manager and the second as a marketing and communications specialist. Both were completely home based. However, both had set hours. While I loved the idea of working from home, I also wanted a way to set my own hours. Hence the move to a job that was more flexible, which was working for myself. But not everyone wants or has to do that, so I came up with a list of 15 jobs that will seriously let you work from anywhere in the world, which means you can spend time traveling.

As a blogger, many people think that I have a glamorous life. Let me tell you, I put in A LOT of hours. Frankly, more than I ever did at any other job before. Actually, I sit writing this on a Saturday. However, that means I am hitting publish on this post on a Tuesday while I'm skiing in the Austrian alps, so I'll take it. The other day I came across this article advertising a REAL job where you're paid $10,000 a month to be a luxury travel writer. So that means you stay in the coolest places in the world, all your food and drink and travel expenses are taken care of, AND you're paid. It made me want to write an article to help others find awesome jobs that are flexible.

I've put together a list of the best work-at-home jobs that will allow you to travel or offer you the flexibility you need. Before you go seeking these out make sure you have the skills to land the job. Once you do, you can work remotely, do freelance work, and travel at the same time. WIN. I've got 15 jobs that will let you work from wherever, plus the best ways to find these jobs.

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15 Jobs That Let You Work From Anywhere and Travel

1. Virtual Assistance

Being a Virtual assistant can mean so many things. Maybe you help a fellow blogger, or you help run a company. The job description here is varied. Assistants can: set up an email campaign or manage email, run social media, proofread and edit, data entry, organize, manage a blog, research, search engine optimization, the list goes on and on. This is a great job because it offers a diverse range of skills and allows you to work on your own terms. Pay ranges anywhere from $8-$50 an hour. Here are a list of top virtual assistant companies.

2. Copywriter

A copywriter, in the simplest form, writes. They are usually paid to write engaging or influential (aka click worthy) material. As I told you above, I worked as a marketing and communications specialist, and part of that job was copy-writing. It was to write material that influenced people to read and click and even make a decision. Because it does take some skill to write copy that isn't salesy but still promotional, these are fairly high paying jobs. Expect to make between $25-$100 an hour.

3. Proofreader/Editor

With SO much writing out there, it is necessary to have someone proofread or edit. Proofreaders can edit anything, so the opportunities here are great. If you have a special understanding in an area you can expect to be hired. For example, if you know legal jargon, you can be an editor for a law firm. If you know luxury travel, you can proofread for a travel magazine. Typical pay is $15-$35 an hour.

4. Social Media Marketer

Social media has exploded. It's everywhere and everyone is on it. So jobs are PLENTIFUL in this area. It does help to have some background (and you'll make more, the more you know). Whether you manage someone's Instagram, create posts for Facebook, or craft a Pinterest board, you can learn quickly what works online. Many companies have used my course, Instagram for Success to train employees to use Instagram effectively. Sign up here to hear about it when doors open again. Pay rate can be anywhere from $13-$30 an hour.

5. Graphic Designer/ Web Designer

Nowadays every business, whether online or brick-and-mortar, needs a website. The main way we research a company or place of business is on the internet. So you're pretty much living in the dark ages without an online storefront. Coding and designing can be complicated and hard. That's why web and graphic designers are highly sought after. I don't pretend to know how to decorate my house or my blog and that's why I turn to web designers. Pay can greatly range here, but can be anywhere from $10- $150 an hour.

6. Consulting

A consultant can cover a wide area of topics. But the idea here is if you're an expert on something, you can consult others about it. Forbes 500 companies use consultants, as well as bloggers who are just starting out. The amount you make depends on who you are working with and how much specialized knowledge you have, but expect $20-$150 an hour.

7. Teach Online

With the advent of live video, it's fairly easy to teach online. Skype allows you to hop on a call from anywhere in the world and be live. I'll never forget a trip to Amsterdam where the guy said he brings a black backdrop with him wherever he goes. This way he can be in the Caribbean or in France and still have the same background. This was also around the time I decided I needed to get it together and work from home (I only had two weeks vacation a year and this guy traveled all the time). If you have a set skill, you can teach it. You can work for a company or set your own pay, so the range here is great from $15- $100 an hour depending on what you're teaching.

8. Travel Writer

The travel industry is booming. I think people, now more than ever, are wanting to discover new places and experience luxurious resorts. If you love traveling and writing then this job is perfect for you. The only drawback is that when you're traveling, you need to pay attention. Travel isn't just a vacation, but a way for you to document the experience. For me, this is something I love doing anyway, so it makes sense for me to jot down notes for my blog. Pay range here is from $15-$40 an hour.

9. Data Entry

One of the most low stress jobs you can find is data entry. The general gist for data entry is about speed and attention to detail when it comes to entering in information. If you are a fast typist this is an awesome job you can do from anywhere in the world. Pay is anywhere from $9-$18 an hour.

10. Travel Agent

If you already like traveling and love finding good deals or designing itineraries, then a travel agent is the perfect role. I think it would be so fun to plan someone's trip and find hidden gems along the way. You can either find clients on your own by advertising on your website or online. More on how to find these jobs below. Pay range depends on clients but can range from $13-$25 an hour. This is a rough guess since it depends on your projects.

11. English (or any other language) Teacher

I'm always amazed by people that know more than one language. Now that I live in Germany, many of my friends know 4-6. Really. People are smart. If you have a knack for teaching and are pretty proficient in the languages you're fluent in, you can teach it! Absolutely anyone can teach, but the more qualified you are, the more income you'll make. Expect about $20 an hour.

12. Photographer

I am massively appreciative of those that are expert photographers. As a blogger, I've been working on my skills for the past 5 years and I still have so much to learn behind the lens. Whether you photograph for a magazine or sell your images to sites like If you have lots of clients or sell to many magazines you can expect to make more. Pay range is from $15- $100 an hour.

13. Translator

If you are fluent in other languages then you can translate… anything. With the world being so globally dynamic, many companies need translators in order to business with other companies who might not speak the same language. The employment for translators is on the rise, as is the pay. Expect to make $20-$80 an hour.

14. Call Center Representative

While we all love the internet, most people need a human voice if they need help or if they want to purchase a product. Many people think this job is only in office, but companies are getting wiser and realizing that their costs are less if someone works from home. Many independent contractors work from home. Average hourly rate is $8-$17 an hour.

15. Blogger

To me, one of the best ways to make money from anywhere is to be a blogger. You set your own hours, work on projects you love and have the ability to really make a great salary. The pay range here varies wildly since some bloggers are just hobby bloggers, while others make upwards of 6 figures. If you have a passion for writing and are willing to work hard, it's my theory that you can make money blogging. We'll set the hourly rate from anywhere from $12-$100 an hour.

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Where to Find Work:

FlexJobs – I used Flexjobs when looking for the jobs that I landed working from home. This is a REAL legit place to find a job. There is a fee to join, but if you land a job I think that's totally worth it. There are so many jobs and it's very easy to sort and find work that applies to you.

UpWork – This is a great way to list your job skills and land new clients or projects. Focused primarily on things that are online, you can definitely find something suitable for your skills.

Fiverr – I just love this site. It gets its name because many projects are or start at $5. They can range from voice overs to logo design. There is a wide range of options that you can list what you are proficient at. You simply create an ad to showcase what you offer and work with those that seek you out through the site. They call themselves the “freelance service marketplace” and I think that name fits perfectly.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn often lists out jobs. It's not just for connections, although that can also help you land a job. This is one of the best places to find a job, just make sure you search for “remote”.

The Freelance Way of Life –  This site is awesome for both freelancers and full time job seekers alike. They have a newsletter that you can subscribe to where they will send you weekly (and daily) updates about different work at home jobs. (I’m a long time subscriber to this newsletter!) She also updates the blog regularly with info and tips you can use. – I love this site for job searching. Make sure you put where you want to work and include keywords like remote or work from home, instead of just the words that have to do with the job you're seeking. – Whether you are looking for a job or wanting to hire someone you can find someone to suit your needs. You can browse jobs that match your skills, apply and get hired!

Facebook Boards – There is a whole Facebook group dedicated to Virtual Assistants! This is a great resource to land a job for a variety of projects.

Advertise on YOUR Site – I think it's so necessary to have your own website or blog. This is your online portfolio and will help you to land clients. You can advertise your skills and help others find you online more easily.

I think working from home is one of the best ways to guarantee job satisfaction, but flexibility is really key. We want to be able to work when we want and still have a job we can rely on. The world is changing and allowing many people to work remotely. Hope this list helped you, I know I am much happier (and work much harder) now that I have the flexibility to work when I want.

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