Here's how it went down:

Wake up about 7:00 am, doesn't have to be at work until 9am so screws around for an hour.

Should I wear my hair straight or curly? If I wear it straight they might think this is a usual thing, when really it's just like a twice a year thing. But I want to look professional.
Oh well. It will be straight once and then never again, get over it.
My eyes are puffy and I have a zit, cute. 
Ok, gotta get all my silliness out and be serious and professional. Selfie time. Wait, let me include a dog with this one.

Need to eat before, get some energy, how about an omelette?! YES. God, Helene you're a smart one.

Finishes breakfast.

I'll leave an hour early, you know, just in case. Gotta crank the tunes, a little A$AP Rocky never hurt anyone.

Ok where do I park? Check myself out in the mirror one more time. Oh good lord, thank goodness, I have spinach in my teeth from my omelette. 

Walks in.

Hmm hmm hmm this will be great. 
Goes to meeting room.
OMG it's freezing in here. How will I concentrate? And it's going to make the hair on my legs grow and I'm wearing a skirt. Jeez Louise. 
Talk and mingle with other coworkers.
First impressions are everything, Helene. Don't show them how weird you are. 
Hey, wonder what's for lunch huh?!
Dangit you already messed up. Oh well. I wonder if I can just get on my laptop and read a few blog posts. 
I hope people still read mine. Oh no, what if they stop?!
Listening to someone speak for a few hours.
Thank god it's lunch time! Now don't be first in line, you don't want to be the fat kid. 

Watch an online presentation.
I wonder if they mind if I check blogs on my breaks. Whatever. Doing it. 

Man, working is tiring. Would LOVE a nap right now.

Slowing closing eyes.

NO. Wake up.

Ok, I got this. Thank God, 10 more minutes I did it.

Sprints out door.

See that wasn't so bad.

I apologize if you're new around here and reading this post. Yes, I do talk to myself in the third person sometimes. Doesn't everybody? Just me. Got it.

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