So, normally, when you see what people pack for a beach trip you get the normal things: hat, sunscreen (NO REALLY? who knew I'd need SPF). But today I'm sharing my packing essentials. And they're a bit… eccentric.

Yes, I do have the standard items:
Beach towel
Swimsuit (shocking y'all, I KNOW)
A good book (I'm on the last Harry Potter!)
Hat (this one is the best and so cheap)
Flip flops. Stop y'all, I know you've never thought to bring these before. Also, Chacos fo' LYFE.
Cover up aka a big t-shirt.


Most of this stuff is from Forever 21 and when you use code “EXTRA30” you get 30% off! Also, Nordstrom is also having a sale, with lots of stuff 40% off.

Okay, on to my weird ones:

Hair color chalk. The best thing about the beach is you don't care about your hair. It's wavy and messy and crazy. So put a little colored chalk in it.

Bose wireless speakers. How can you party on the beach without a wireless speaker? Answer: you can't. I also have a good playlist queued up. On deck? Lot's of electronic with a hint of hip hop and Miley.

String. My sisters and I have been making string necklaces for forever and still haven't changed. It's the ultimate beach look to rock a Chinese staircase anklet. I usually make enough to cover a small island in jewelry.

A white button up shirt. Maybe this isn't that weird, but it's nice to have that on when it comes time to take pictures. And ever good beach trip needs a little photo shoot. Don't deny it. Bring a white shirt.

A big crazy float. Yes, y'all, all summer 16 (that's a Drake song reference). You need a big fun float for the beach this summer. These are super cheap and have a lot of different kinds (aka: pizza, flamingo, swan).

A great pair of headphones. With all my Harry Potter listening, I need a good pair of headphones. These gorgeous white and rose gold headphones from Sudio Sweden (bonus points for the company being named after a Phil Collins song, seriously read the reason they named them) and have the best quality sound out there. Use code “Helene15″ for 15% off @sudiosweden headphones.

A ridiculous game. Michael asked for Slammo this year for his birthday and I rolled my eyes. But I love it. It's perfect for the beach. Slammo is like tennis plus volleyball but on a small scale.

Protect your tech. I have to have my phone on the beach so I can get some sweet sunset shots. (You know I'm going to be documenting on Instagram @heleneinbetween.) But I also don't want a bunch of sand and saltwater in it. This bag is inexpensive but does the trick.

So there you have it! Any weird things you have to have on vacations?
I'll be at my absolute favorite beach in the world with my family, Seaside Florida.  My younger twin sisters and I are going to cause mayhem. Watch out for our nutty-ness on Snapchat (username Helenesula). Maybe we'll do a Snap Q&A…

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