How to Use Pinterest Analytics to Boost Your Blog

I love analytics. Call me a nerd. I don’t care. Looking at your blog’s stats is fascinating to me. Learning what works online, is a great way to figure out your success. If you can track what people like, then you can capitalize on that, and do what works best for you are your readers. Using Pinterest analytics is a great way to boost your blog.
How to Use Pinterest Analytics to Boost Your Blog
One area I think we don’t focus on much when it comes to analytics is Pinterest. This post is going to help you with that and make it super easy. You'll be able to find your most pinned posts, what gets the most clicks, shares, and engagement. In turn, this will help you decide other posts that will also have success!
First, and foremost go to www.pinterest.com/source/yourblogurl.com/ for the “your blog url” type in your blog’s url. For example, mine looks like this:
This is going to show you exactly what people are pinning recently from you. This is a good overview to look into what people are clicking and repinning. Chances are, if people are repining your posts, they are reading, clicking, and sharing. Yay!
But this just gives us a snippet of what we really want to see. Let’s look at analytics to get to the gist of everything.
To get there, click on “analytics” on the top left of the screen:
 How to find Pinterest Analytics
From there, click on overview to get an idea of your stats. This gives you an idea of who is checking out your profile, pins, and overall activity to your website.
WAIT! If you're wondering why you don't see any of this, it's because you don't have a Pinterest for business account! WHAT?! You need that. Here's the step by step instructions for setting that up.
You'll also see some super useful information about which pins are getting the most action. Do you see that “p” and “r” next to some of the pins? P means I promoted the pin at one point, so that more people would see it. R means that it's a rich pin. Which means that it includes extra info and is more likely to be repinned.
Now that you have an overview, click on “More” next to your Pinterest Profile.
In here, you'll get a more detailed view of your Pinterest statistics. You'll see repins, clicks, and “all time” stats. Go ahead and click on “Repins”. This way we can see our MOST repinned posts. You can select a date range or just choose the past 30 days to see the most repins or saves from the last 30 days.
Viewing my stats above, on average, I get repinned about 86 times a day. This gives me an idea of my engagement. If I scroll down on this page, I can see the exact pins that had the most clicks and saves.
But I still want to see my MOST repinned posts. To do that, click on “All Time” to see the most pinned posts of all time.
The top pins are the most shared, meaning, most repinned.
The next section is Best in search: Pins that rank higher in search, because of the way they are worded or people are searching for things like this A LOT!
You'll also see below that, Power Pins: Pins with a high mix of saves, clicks and more.
Something else, take a look at your most “clicked” posts.
When I take a look I can see posts that people are clicking, often. I can “spruce up” these posts or even add a content upgrade so that people stay on my page or sign up for my newsletter!
So… what's the point of all this? When we see what people are saving and searching, we understand the trends and we can create more blog posts surrounding these type of posts. It can be super helpful!
Do you use Pinterest analytics to boost your blog?

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I never knew you could see your most saved or pins that rank higher in searchs!


I knew a lot about Pinterest analytics, but I didn’t know everything that you shared here! I never knew you could see your most saved or pins that rank higher in searchs!

Really useful thanks! I didn’t know Pinterest analytics existed. x

I love my Pinterest Analytics! I dive into them at least once a month. I’ve absolutely created new pinnable graphics for popular blog posts on Pinterest.

[…] How To Use Pinterest Analytics To Boost Your Blog – So helpful! […]

Oh my gosh, this is amazing! I definitely need to amp up my Pinterest game!


this is fascinating, I have NEVER looked at my pinterest analytics!!! Can’t wait to go look!

So much fun, I love Pinterest insights!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Thanks for the tips … I will need to check this out when I have more time (and when I’m not at work) 🙂


Thanks for sharing that info. I’ve dabbled in the Pinterest Analytics, but need to spend some time there.

Oh my gosh this is so helpful!! I have been trying to figure out how I can see which Pins get repined the most! Thank you for your post!

Kate | katelovesmakeup.com

Helene, this is so helpful! I’ve been really into Pinterest lately but would get a little overwhelmed with the analytics. This is a great overview!

My most pinned pins are all other peoples’ pins! Haha. I’m a fairly new blog so hopefully my own pins will become more prominent soon!!

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