Christmas Time in London

If you want some of the best Christmas lights, decor, spirit, and all out cheer, you need to go to London during Christmas time. I walked around the city for 4 and a half days with my mouth open. I'll be doing a whole post on what we saw and did (we packed in so much in a short time) but this post is just focused on Christmas. It's VERY picture heavy and hopefully you'll be smiling as much as I am as you see the pictures. Also a glass of wine will help with that.

I knew that London had beautiful Christmas decor. But I didn't know it was THIS crazy and ornate. I've been to London many times, but never during Christmas. It gave the city a whole new feel. In the span of just 4 days, I took over 1,000 pictures. I just couldn't help it! Here's a brief sampling of what we saw:

The tower of London and it's pretty little ice skating rink.

Tower Bridge and a Christmas tree.

The intense decorations at Churchill arms.

The INSANE silver Christmas ornaments at Covent Garden.

Literally every street has lights, each with a different theme. This one was mistletoe. Can you see Michael in the corner running away as I'm asking him to kiss me under it? Typical.

A house on York Street (where I used to stay in the Summer) all decked out.

The Old Swan showing off.

The candlelit tree at Kensington Palace.


Cartier all wrapped up.

Outside and inside The Arcade.

Dolce & Gabanna flashing their goods.

My favorite street was Oxford Street. These pretty lit up paper lanterns looked beautiful day and night. So I took


How cool is the building all lit up above? Couldn't get enough of it.

Harrods, of course.

Window display outside of Selfridges. Santa in glitter style.

One of my favorite things we did: Skating outside of the Natural History Museum. It was expensive and awesome. Sometimes things are worth the splurge.

The street scene.

This street was appropriately where most of the diamond stores were located.

Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland was not to be missed. They had a whole section that looked just like Germany's Christmas markets. There was music, drinking, and lots of lights.

I also loved the Piccadilly decorations. It was so busy. So stopping in the street was really ridiculous. But, I did it anyway.


Carnaby street had a really unique flair.

Another rink at Somerset House.

I know this post didn't have many words, but hopefully the pictures made up for it. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on Instagram (@heleneinbetween) I seriously wrote down everything and attempted to see it all!


I HAD no idea London was a Christmas Mecca! Beautiful photos how do you keep track of them all! Impressed you knew what each one was of!

I don’t think I could swing Christmas time with my job but I am definitely trying to go to London next February! Such beautiful pictures!

I would LOVE to go to London during this time of year. It’s look so perfect!

I have never been to London, ever. Actually, I’m sure my list of places outside the US is laughable, but I would certainly love to go at Christmas time. Maybe next year!!

London is ridiculously beautiful this Christmas isn’t it? I didn’t get a chance to actually see the lights at night however, and I do regret that a bit. Oh well.

Holy moly, the Churchill Arms though. Beaut. I was up in London a few weeks ago and loved how Covent Garden was looking, and found Carnaby Street real cute as well!

Meg | Elmpetra

So so pretty!! I went to Paris in January 6 yrs ago and they still had Christmas decorations. I can’t wait to go to Europe soon!! First stop, Germany! 🙂

Wait so someone told me on your instagram that an arcade isn’t what i think it is… what is it???

OMGGG it looks so magical! I must go during the winter now!!


My first introduction to London was in the winter, so this brought back all the warm fuzzies. Gosh do I love that town!

Well, this just made me want to visit London that much more. So gorgeous!

Oh, London at Christmas! So glad you were able to escape and enjoy the magic of it. It’s my favorite! I was there 2 years ago this time and am going again next year!

NOTHING beats Christmas in London and your pictures captured the festive spirits in London PERFECTLY! <3 My favourites have to be Covent Garden and Oxford Street all lit up 😀 Happy Holidays! xx

Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

Ok. Why can’t this catch on here in the States? This is beautiful.

AHH! Thank you for transporting me momentarily to Christmas-y London! This is so much better than my boring work day as I countdown to my Christmas vacation.

Christmas in London looks absolutely wonderful! I’m definitely adding that to my bucket list!

Christmas in London looks absolutely amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit London around Christmas but haven’t had the chance yet, maybe next year! Lovely photos too 🙂

Kayleigh | anenthusiasmfor.blogspot.co.uk

Such beautiful pictures! I feel so happy I get to live in London, especially this time of year. <3

Laura // Middle of Adventure

The one of you ice skating has to be my favorite. These pictures are absolutely stunning so I can imagine how beautiful it was in person. Thank you for sharing!

I’ve never been but I’ve heard such great things about London town! 🙂

Allison Taylor Hasserd

so gorgeous! thanks for sharing!!

The lights are crazy! They go all out!

Gorgeous photos! I love London, but I’m sure I would absolutely adore it during Christmas time. Maybe one day!

Yes! I have never experienced it during Christmas and I can’t believe it! It seriously transforms the city!

Wow London sure looks magical around this time of year. I would have been in awe and probably had my mouth dropping every time I turned the corner. Great pictures and I’m glad you got to experience it during this time of year! Beautifully Candid

I seriously kept being like, OMG LOOK AT THAT. It is magical!

I’m glad you got to see London at Christmas (it really does it right). And ice skating by the V&A/Natural History Museum is my favourite location, tbh. Merry Christmas! x

It seriously puts you in the best mood! it was so lovely!

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