Step into Wonderland: Heidelberg Christmas Market


It's officially time to start celebrating Christmas!!! The instructions for this post are to turn on some Christmas music and grab a cup of something warm. Never mind, you don't even need it. These pictures will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.



Y'all… Germany isn't kidding about Christmas. They are insane. I knew these “Christmas Markets” were going to be good when they started setting up in early November. But this, this is way more than I expected. The details, y'all. Not only are the wooden structures where they sell food, drinks, and trinkets beautiful, they are exquisite. Built with touches of real Christmas trees, lights, toys, holly, ribbon, some even have moving parts.




Not only are there new structures set up, the whole town is decorated. Including the stores along the Hauptstrasse (Main street). The tree above is from inside Käthe Wohlfahrt. It's so incredible inside with literally 1,000s different kinds of Christmas ornaments and decorations. Technically, I wasn't supposed to take this picture. But… I'm a blogger.



Since the Christmas Market in Heidelberg takes place just over the river from us (a short, 8 minute walk, yes, I timed it) we plan on going a lot. Like, every day. So far, we've been 3 out of the 4 days. And why not? Delicious food, Glüwein (warm, sweet, spicy wine), music, an ice skating rink, there are reasons enough to go everyday. gingerbread-heidelberg-christmas


I am going to do a full post on what to eat- as well as what to skip. What to see, do, eat, drink, try, and more. But for now, here's a glimpse at the Heidelberg Christmas market.


The above photo of the carousel was taken on my PHONE at night. Most of these are with my DSLR camera, but this just tells you how gorgeous this market is!



I feel like I live in an actual Christmas wonderland. Even the trash cans are decorated. I mean… WHAT.


I know the photo above isn't the best quality. BUT that castle lit up with Christmas town below? I can't help it.




Now, I know what you're thinking: when can you visit? Good news. It goes until end of December, some Christmas markets in Germany extend until the beginning of January. So, who's coming to visit me?


I will be of course documenting everything on Instagram: @heleneinbetween


Is the ice skating rink around there somewhere? When I was there in 2011 there was a small rink they had set up with music playing for the skaters.

It’s sooo gorgeous here! It looks like something you only see in the movies! I’d go there everyday, too! It definitely puts you in the Christmas spirit!

UGH! Here you are living my DREAM! It’s like Christmas every day!

This is amazing! My boyfriend is going here tomorrow and I’m super jealous now!!

I AM SO JEALOUS! This is magical!

omg this is so festive I feel this intense need to go heat up some hot cocoa and play some Christmas music!! That’s it. I’ve decided that Christmastime is meant to be celebrated in Germany!

How dreamy! My friend and her husband were stationed in Germany for many years and she said it was truly the most Christmasy place in the world!

Wow, this is awesome just saying

Wowww so festive!! I’d love to visit!
Katie Actually

This place looks amazing! I’m definitely adding “Visiting a German Christmas market” to my bucketlist!

YES! Seriously, I had no idea!

This place looks amazing! I used to think NYC was the best place during Christmas time, but I think Heidelberg is winning.

There are THREE huge trees. THREEE.

You’re so lucky to live so close to this place – it looks so magical! Luckily London has a lot of awesome Christmas markets as well which I just can’t WAIT to visit! Christmas is the best.

Laura // Middle of Adventure

Oh i bet! I would love to see london during Christmas 🙂

Oh my gosh, so picturesque! I would go every day too! Enjoy!

The photos are so beautiful! Christmas in Europe is really unrivalled. The atmosphere really sucks where I live in Hong Kong!
– Charmaine

I agree! It’s so lovely!!

Christmas markets in Central Europe (esp Germany/Austria) are THE BEST! The one in my town opens tomorrow and I love that they have live music every night. It is literally just a big ol’ Christmas party in the square and that is something I am super down with.

I am just loving it so much 🙂

These pics are just awesome! Can’t take my eyes off <3


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