Best Side Trips for Christmas in Germany

If you haven't been to a Christmas market in Germany, you have to add it to your list. Really, it should be required. They take Christmas and their traditions very seriously. We live in Heidelberg, Germany and this being our first year, went to the market no less than a dozen times over the season. We also took some side trips to Worms (pronounced Voms) and Nuremberg. Each market has their own traditions and special ways of hosting the market.

After our fill of Heidelberg's Christmas market, we ventured to two nearby cities. Worms is just 45 minutes away by train. This pretty little city was the perfect place to go with friends and enjoy a Glüwein (mulled wine) and Kartoffelpuffer (say that 3 times fast, a fried potato cake). Since we'd never been before, we did a mini tour of the city.

First, we stopped at the statue of Martin Luther. It was here that Luther was declared a heretic. Worms is historically religious, with many different “Imperial diets” being held here. Luther had his Edit of Words here. Check out my husband Michael on the bottom left observing the statue.


It was such a clear and beautiful day. After strolling around, we went to the lovely cathedral. This was so stunning inside and out. We went with friends, and my friend's parents were married there. We later went to their Italian restaurant (that was out of this world) and it's been there for over 30 years! If you're ever in or near Worms, you MUST eat at Al Duomo Kupferkessel.

After checking out a nearby museum, we went to the main event, the Christmas market.

My favorite (as you'll see below) was this HUGE Christmas tree in the square.

It's not a proper Christmas market without Glüwein. Or me drinking 8 glasses, give or take.

I love how detailed the markets are with wooden paneled huts, complete with moving Christmas themed characters atop.

My favorite Glüwein station. We were so lucky to have such clear weather!

We only spent the day in Nuremberg, since we found our very cheap flight to London (only 9 Euro!), and decided to spend most of our time at the Christmas market. We will be back soon to explore its rich history and the castle!

We started the day off right with, you guessed it, Glüwein! They have a blueberry version in Nuremberg that is divine.


We then decided to avoid the crowds for a bit and head up to the castle to get a full view of the city. It was alright, I guess….

They have a wonderful section of the market that is international. It has booths from all over the world. Including Atlanta, Georgia where we picked up some Skittles (for me) and Kool Aid (for Michael.)

After, we walked down the street to listen to music. But had to stop for these incredible horse and carriage ride.

We then listened to the choir outside the beautiful Frauenkirche. The inside was incredible as well.

After the choir, the “Christkind” a young girl dressed as an angel, handed out cookies.

We stopped for a drink at a nearby restaurant with a beautiful view.


One my favorite sections was the Kinderweinacht. It's for children (kinder) but being 12 in my head, this was the best. Plus the carousel was just magical.

Christmas markets really are an experience. You must go one day! Or if you've been, what are some of your favorites or traditions?

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Wow, Heidelberg looks beautiful! I have a friend from there who mentioned the Christmas market is nice, so I hope to see it for myself too 🙂 Great tips!

First of all I still can’t believe you got a flight for 9 euro, mind blowing. Second, WHEREEEEE can I find some Glüwein here to try?? I need to taste test this bad boy for myself?

I’d love to spend Christmas in Germany one year, the festivities and markets look incredible!

it is definitely worth it!

I seriously had no idea Christmas markets even existed! You just opened up my eyes with this post and I feel like you brought Germany right to us! I can’t wait to go visit soon 🙂

haha well that’s awesome girl!!! and heck yes, please come 🙂

I miss Christmas markets! Here, we have a few craft fairs during christmastime, but it’s not the same! The only German one I’ve been to is the Hamburg one. It was so lovely and of course you have to have Glüwein! 🙂

How was the weather when you went?

It was a few years ago, I’m not sure, but I think it was humid.

I love Christmas markets! It’s the one big downside about being German and living in the US: there aren’t any real Christmas markets here (although Boston is trying this year and it’s a cute beginning). So thank you for the pictures and have more glühwein because one can never have enough 🙂

yes! they just aren’t the same!! And I can’t get enough Glüwein.

Oh, I love the blueberry gluehwein in Nuremburg! Best flavor yet.

Yes! that’s my favorite too! 🙂

I really enjoyed this post–I’ve always wanted to visit the Christmas markets in Germany (I took German in high school). It did strike me as a little odd that you didn’t mention the attack in Berlin, though. I know you weren’t near there, but did it affect your experience at the market at all?

Glad you liked it. I didn’t include it because I wrote an entire post about it, here: https://heleneinbetween.com/2016/12/just-plain-evil.html

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