You guys, taking care of a full grown man who is acting like a 4-year-old is hard work. Michael dislocated his right shoulder and cannot: drive, shower, open anything, water the yard, or do anything remotely helpful around the house. 

3 and a half years ago I broke the crap out of my ankle and leg. And I KNOW that he did everything around the house. I'm sure of it. BUT we both work from home. That means I'm at his beck and call 24/7. Including 3:30 am when he takes his pain pills WITH food. Is this what having a child is like? If so, I'm over it. Okay. Enough complaining. 

The best way to make me smile and get over it is knowing I have a package coming in the mail. There are so many spring sales and free stuff going on right now I don't even know how to deal with it. So, I thought I'd blog about it.

If you just clicked on that link you'd see those are Prada sunglasses and knowing ME you might have just fallen out of your chair because I'm very thrifty. But let me tell you, they are from Shop Ditto and their program Endless Eyewear. You can try out as many pairs of designer sunglasses as you like. Which works for me since my tastes change often when it comes to sunglasses. Use code “HELENEINBETWEEN” for a free month . 

Everyone and their mom is talking about the Shopbop sale. (Use code INTHEFAM for 25% off) And at first I was thought, no not me. I will not succumb to this pressure. But then I saw these earrings below and thought I NEED these. Then I looked at the price tag. And hunted online until I found a VERY similar pair.

I could use another coffee mug like I need a hole in the head. But when they are under $15 and this cute… how can you not?

Hot Stuff     /  /  /    Love Potion

 Phone cases are my weakness. I mean, you carry your phone around enough, might as well be pretty. Here are 4 I'm eyeing:

One                ///                   Two                ///                 Three                ///                Four 

All I want is a cute off the shoulder dress. And I kept finding them. But one of these is $228 and one is $40. I'll let you guess which one I got.

 Can we just pause for this Flamingo cross body bag? The question is… should I pull the trigger??

And, of course, we have the #7in7Challenge on Instagram! Have no idea what I'm talking about? Catch up here.  Today's challenge:

Anything that brings you happiness, instagram it!

Today's prize is kinda amazing. Today I'm giving away … get ready for it….

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