There is a LOT of talk about newsletters out there. Specifically, what works and what doesn't. One thing's for sure, we don't always want to be “sold” to. And I totally agree. I'm compiling my list of favorite newsletters. These reads will inspire, teach, and give you some fresh perspectives. I'm saying these are for creatives because they do have some element for bloggers, but really, anyone would like these.

The Best Newsletters for Bloggers

The Skimm
This is my go-to news outlet. I want to know what's going on in the world, but i don't always have tons of time. Enter, The Skimm. It's a short newsletter that gives you bite-sized news in a readable, relateable way.

Mr Spoils and/or Stella Spoils
This is a daily newsletter that shows off a fresh set of instagram accounts to follow, an interesting article, and a funky jam. Usually their songs are playlist worthy and I love seeing who's an instagram influencer. They feature instagrammers that have hundreds or followers to hundreds of thousands. Pretty cool! Stella Spoils is more focused on females while Mister Spoils is it's male counterpart. I like both.

By Regina

You guys, this girl KNOWS her stuff. It's refreshing to find someone out there with real marketing knowledge and who shares it so freely. Her newsletter is so so full of awesome goodness, insight, and tips. A MUST for me.

The Marmontist
This is a daily newsletter that's all about Instagram. Every day they show you different companies who work with instagrammers, an in-depth article on Instagram, and any new developments. The Marmontist is so different from others out there.

The In Between Insider
I gotta through mine out there, right?! I'm telling you (in case you missed Monday's post) big things are coming. A sneak peek is headed over to my newsletter. Don't miss out! Sign up right here (and also get access to my resource collection!

Alisha Nicole
Alisha's weekly inspiration is top notch. She always gives actionable advice that you can apply to your blog or brand. She includes her story along with free, useful stuff, and behind the scenes in her blog and business.

Social Triggers
This guy does things differently, and I dig it. Derek Halpern uses data and facts to see what really works online. His knowledge is a little in your face but hey, it works. He knows what he's talking about and he's not afraid to share it.

Just a Girl and Her Blog
I'm so inspired by Abby. She's sooooo organized and really lays everything on the line when it comes to her blog and business. I never miss a newsletter from her!

The Useletter
You HAVE to subscribe to this newsletter. Every week, Amy compiles the best stuff around from bloggers, businesses, social media, and more and puts it into a handy newsletter. It's my favorite by far. Subscribe to this now. For real.

Do you have a favorite newsletter you subscribe to?

Interested in starting your own newsletter? Check out my complete guide on creating a newsletter with ideas on exactly WHAT to send to subscribers!

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