When I was growing up, my parents would tell me over and over that I could truly be whatever I want to be. I believed them. Not only were (are) they the best parents in the world, they took me to do some of the coolest things ever. My parents had a flexible schedule and that meant spending time with me, taking me to museums, reading to me, and showing me the world. 

I remember my first trip to London when I was 14 years old. This was no ordinary trip. It was a 6 week long adventure where we stayed in a flat. We took a short tube ride in the morning to Regent's College where I strolled the well maintained grounds and tulip gardens, feeding the ducks, and sometimes talking to strangers who happened to be ambassadors for other countries. We explored to Stonehenge and Bath. We saw ancient castles and Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. We snuck into Westminster Abbey. We ate fish and chips. 

That trip taught me a lot. I understand that more than ever now. I decided that I didn't have a dream job, I had a dream life. 

I wanted a life where I wasn't constricted to a schedule or a 9-5. I wanted a life where I could travel and see the world and everything it had to offer. I wanted something different. But I had no clue how to get it.

I followed the path I was supposed to take. I went to college and studied communications and public relations. I made good grades. I took an internship. I got a good job out of college that I liked. I really liked it. But I kept thinking, isn't there more? 

I had a string of jobs that I really hated. I worked in marketing and social media and digital advertising. All the while I kept up my blog because I was passionate about it. It felt like something really meaningful to me. 

Almost every day I told Michael that I wanted to find a way to monetize the blog. I would do it. I could do it. I just needed some direction. I needed a plan. I tried and failed a bunch of times. I kept thinking, oh this is what I need! Or, yeah no, maybe it's this! Sometimes I felt really down, like it wasn't going anywhere, while everyone around me succeeded.

Then, one day, I stopped trying to be like everyone else. I stopped worrying about making this or that happen or becoming the next big blog star. I just focused on being helpful and creating content that mattered. And I did it my way.

When I did this, it seemed like everything fell into place. More people were reading me. More people were signing up to listen to what I had to say. 

Let me tell you, I work really hard. But it's all on my own terms. And I think instead of creating a dream job it's important to focus on your dream life, first. I am still struggling and to be honest, still comparing. But now I feel like I know that if I focus on what I want, instead of others, I'm more happy and I end up getting things that I want out of life.

There are big changes coming up. Personally, life changing things are happening and Michael and I are making some life-altering decisions. I'm also making some pretty big blog changes and I can't wait to share it all with you! (No seriously, big!) Stay tuned y'all. Thanks again for following along. It means SO much to me.

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