Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift has a knack for blowing away fans and gaining an interest. The preppy pop star not only churns out catchy tunes, she keeps herself in check by constantly doing more for her fans. Bloggers should take notes from the singer because she seems to have social media on a string and fans are always coming back for more – no matter what. Here's what bloggers can learn from Taylor Swift.

What Bloggers Can Learn From Taylor Swift

Besides that on point cat eye eyeliner and side swept bang.

She includes other signers in her tour and shines the spotlight on them, too.
For her 1989 tour across the world, she's brought singers and even celebrities, both old and young, to join her on stage and sing or dance with her. Not only does this bring huge exposure for the celebrity, it brings her exposure, too. For example, when she was in Nashville a couple weeks ago, she brought Steven Tyler on stage. Fans of Tyler might not be interested in T. Swift are suddenly following her and listening to “Shake It Off”. She's gaining fans she might never have before.
Blog takeaway: sharing about other bloggers, big or small, in your genre or not, is GOOD for your brand and your blog. There's room for everyone.

She's constantly giving stuff away.
My friend, Whitney, attended her concert recently with her sister. They made posters and Taylor's mom found them in their seats and moved them up to the 3rd row! Now, these girls were already fans of Taylor but now they are fans for life! They also shared more on social media and felt forever thankful for the opportunity.
Blog takeaway: Giving stuff away is actually a good thing. You make others feel important and appreciated.

Taylor Swift is all about social media.
She updates instagram, Facebook, and twitter all the time. She shares behind the scenes, concert pictures, and life anecdotes. You feel like you're getting the real thing and not a staged persona. Someone you can actually connect with. This is so valuable to her fans because they connect with her on a personal level.
Blog takeaway: Social media is important but show the real you. Be honest and open and connect with your followers personally.

She has a signature style.
While her look has
morphed over the years, you can always recognize a Taylor Swift get-up.
Lately, she's been rocking the preppy shorts and skirts with cat eye
eyeliner. No matter where she goes, she seems to have her signature look
and looks put together.
Blog takeaway: Your blog should have a signature style that people can recognize and identify with.

She does what's right for her.
Taylor sings about what's important to her. She's not too worried about what others deem important or necessary in the pop or country scene. In addition, she doesn't stick to one niche. She's switched her musicality over the years and fans have followed. Why? Because they trust her.
Blog takeaway: When you build trust in your audience they will follow you no matter what you blog about.

Is there a celebrity or singer you think bloggers should look up to?

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