As a blogger, we get to write about our lives, what we love, the things we wear, and everything in between. We get to do it with our own perspective. There are, of course, plenty of perks. But with all this good stuff there can be some pretty annoying things that we hear all the time.

If you're a non blogger and you're reading this, you might be able to
apply this to other aspects of your life. If you are a blogger, can I
get an Amen?

Things Bloggers Are Tired of Hearing: 

 – Blog about us, we won't pay you, but it's a great opportunity for you!

– Did you get my email? (Sent as a tweet)

 -Dear webmaster,
We'd like to advertise on your site. We're willing to pay $3 for the entire year.

-Can you write a review about us? We *might* share it on our social media. 

– I just followed you, follow back?

-You're a big blogger so you don't understand.

-You're a small blogger so you don't understand.

-Are you gonna blog about this?

-Did you use your phone to take those pictures?

– You need to renew your domain name. (That's just terrifying)

Email: Join my link up party!

– What do you really blog about?

– #FF on Twitter. (This is not a social media shout out, the only person that cares is the one that's tagged. Wait, nevermind, no one cares.)

– Are those other bloggers your friends?

-Are you still blogging? 

We need a do not ever send this/say this/ social media this to anyone ever again button.
What are you tired of hearing?

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