What is your life's purpose? That is the question isn't it?! In my opinion one of the hardest things to figure out isn't just the process of living your dream, but what your dream actually is. This quiz will help you figure out what kind of dream life you should live and how you can envision it even more. Plus, you'll find out how you can start taking steps towards living your dream.

Why should you listen to me? Well I'm living my dream by living in Europe (I'm from Dallas, Texas), traveling as much as possible, while still making 5 figures a month. I created this fun quiz to help you streamline what you should do with your life.

This quiz will help give you an idea of what your dream life will look like in just 14 multiple choice questions. Maybe you should see the world, start that business, make TONS of money, or lounge at home. Whatever it is, this quiz will help you find it! Take the quiz below to see what your dream life looks like:



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