Before I talk about my weekend I wanted to remind you that tomorrow is Travel Tuesday. And even if you're not linking up please come by, I have a VERYYYYY special guest. She may or may not be related to me. And I might be a little excited.
On to the weekend.
My weekend was very typical. But based on Friday's post was a success in my book since it involved seeing my friends and dancing. 
Mustache glasses  are always a good idea.
When we were out dancing, my friend's sister and some of her friends came, who are a few years younger than us. 
One of the girls said that she said she wanted to hang out with us since we are married so we probably never do things like this.
Very wrong.
I have more fun going out now than I did in college. 
You can tell that by looking at my Instagram.
I think for some people marriage means settling down.
I never want to settle.
I am settled in the sense that I going to be with one person for the rest of my life. 
But you can bet that I will still be going out and having a good time. 
That involves drinking, and certainly dancing. And perhaps getting a little crazy. 
That's all I got for you today.
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