Last night I walked out of my photography course, looked down at my phone and saw that I had three missed calls from my husband Michael. 

He called to let me know that we are slated to hit our savings goal this week. Since I'm really upfront on the blog (and because I know Michael doesn't read this) I'll tell you how much we were able to put away in the course of just six months: $45,000.

Now, we didn't do that by clipping coupons and never having any fun. We're just super careful with our money.

But he didn't just call to tell me that he was excited about this news. He called to tell me that I NEEDED to invest back in my own business. You see, over the past year I've spent more on my blog than I ever have in my life, times 10. (Seriously, check out “Exactly How Much I Spend On My Blog.”) 

I've actually spent more on my blog over the past two months of this year than ever before in this short amount of time. (I'm talking thousands of dollars.) I hired my first virtual assistant. I spent money on ads. I am slated to start a brand new course (when I open new courses I spend tons of money to beta test them and make sure they work properly as well as ensure that what I offer works.) 

But even though I've spent some money on my blog as of late, Michael knew I was still hemming and hawing, wondering if I really needed something. And then he got quiet and after a beat said this:

“If you believe in your blog and your business then you have to believe that you're worth it. And that means investing in yourself.”

Woah. This comes from a guy who used to think my blog was a silly hobby. But I showed him (and myself) that I can build something that people care about. 

I'm not telling you this because I think you should buy my course. But I do think we all need to realize that we are worth it. That if we are going to invest time and effort in something, there is a benefit in realizing that some things will actually help us grow and improve our bottom line. 

With that said:
Buy that blog design
Transfer your blog to a different hosting site if you want
Invest in a course you think will help grow your blog
Define your blog or business goals
Hire a virtual assistant
Heck, buy a new planner

I know that not everyone has the funds for everything. But if you can, plan to set some money aside for your GOALS. You might just surprise yourself. 

Oh, and if you have someone who supports you, don't forget to tell them that they're the bees knees and then some. They are worth their weight in gold if they encourage your dreams.

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