Hello, hey, hi, how ya dern?

Yes y'all. I just opened my blog with a line from a Lil' Wayne song and NOT a “how to epically change your blog in 45 ways!”  Because if I hear one more person tell me I need a niche in order to have a successful blog I might scream. Or cry. 

Today I just wanted to come in here and write. Hope that's okay. 

I consider myself a writer first and blogger second. Does that even make sense? Let's hope so. 

Rug. Shoes (less than $25).

Currently, I have bitten my nails so short they're starting to hurt as a type. (This is why getting my nails done is pointless.) I know this is really gross. I realize that. It's a really bad habit. But it happens when I get nervous. I was definitely nervous last night.

I hosted a webinar and I always get nervous before a webinar. You see, I like public speaking but I think it's only natural that we get nervous. Plus, I like that adrenaline kick beforehand. But I was really, REALLY nervous. There were over 1,200 people signed up to hear me speak and what if everything sucked? 

But nope, I totally forgot that this blogging community is kick ass and that people showed up on time, asked great questions, and we had a ball. 

Life lately is just really good. I've been doing a lot of fun things. I just went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I had 6 friends come stay with me and we did a tour de Nashville. I'm going to Austin, Texas to visit my little sister soon. Michael promised to take me somewhere really cool this weekend. Crossing my fingers it doesn't involve tents. 

Here's a picture of me in the zone at Mardi Gras. I get extremely serious about beads. I have a theory that in another life I was a gatherer (in the Hunter-Gatherer scenario) and that I was top berry picker. Immediately after this photo was taken I pushed everyone out of my way so I could get to the front to catch beads.

I see a lot of bloggers that run themselves down all the time. They are always hustling. Running themselves down and never having any fun. Clearly, that's not me. I believe in making time for yourself. Plus, how can you really be creative if you aren't getting to experience life? 

I worked up this morning really stressed. I thought about what everyone else is doing in the blogging world and then compared myself. Then I told myself to shut up, put on my Get Shit Done Playlist (p.s. just added tons of new songs) and got over it. Everyone is different and accomplishes things in a different way. 

I'm blogging full time, that's pretty freaking awesome but also kind of scary. But life is scary and things in life that are worth it usually are. So I'm going to embrace it. 

Maybe I'm also feeling scared/nervous/weird is because Michael and I are making some big life plans. BIG. And that's all I'm going to say about that. 

Or it could be because I'm unveiling a brand new course next week. But you'll just have to wait on that. And I'm pretty pumped about it. 

I think what I'm learning lately, mostly thanks to my Mom, is that you need to tend to your garden and don't get preoccupied by the weeds growing in others. I'm going to focus on me and my blog and my life and tend to my own weeds. Shouldn't we all? 

And, of course, I'm going to have fun while doing it.

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