I've finally discovered that the more organized I am, the more stuff I can get done. Like this past weekend, when I had 6 of my girl friends in town and I felt totally relaxed since I felt like my life and my blog were more organized than ever.

Today, I'm going to break down how I organize my life via my planner and how it keeps me on track. I'm kind of planner obsessed. I never leave the house without a small planner and a Sharpie to mark things down along the way. Whether it's one of your resolutions, or you're heading back to school, it's important to keep up-to-date with the minute details of your day.

How I Organize my Planner (and my life!)

To get planner prepared, I shopped at Staples and purchased some brand new Sharpies, paperclips, and post-its to update my 2016 planner.


I start off with an empty planner. I then color code each activity. I make a legend that I write in the planner so I can reference each color. Writing different activities in colors helps me to visualize immediately what I have going on that day.

I decided to go with the color scheme of my planner and tried to match the colors that my Bando planner had. I was pretty proud of this… yeah, I'm weird. But it's pretty. Then I labeled each one accordingly:

Blue — Blog Posts
Pink — Appointments
Green — Personal
Bright Blue — Vacation
Orange — Writing
Red — Goals

Once I have this all set, I write out EVERYTHING I know that I have going on for the next month. Then, I write down the week before, what I have going on. It's looks about like this:

Organize Your Planner

I really like color coding because I can look at this planner and see what I need to do, what goals I'd like to accomplish, and how much time I need to spend doing what.

I also like to use post it's to add things or make longer notes on something. For example, I had to pick up friends at the airport so I wrote what time each one was coming in separately.

I actually really look forward to organizing and setting up my planner. Especially when it looks pretty.

The entire week of January 24th save 35% off all regular priced Sharpie products at Staples while supplies last! You can literally use Sharpie for everything in your life, including organizing (see how I organized my bathroom closet before!) and with 35% off I'm heading there today to stock up.

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Newell Rubbermaid , but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #stockup4schools

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