Blogging could basically be a full time job. From the posting, the picture editing, the commenting, the social media-ing. All of it takes up so much time. In order to conquer job, life and blog you have to stay organized. Today on the blog I have one of the most organized people I know, Stephanie from Life According to Steph here to really break it down.
Before I let her take over I have to tell you how much I adore Stephanie's blog and just personally adore her. She's one of those bloggers that you want in your corner, so to speak. She blogs from the heart, she's real and she actually has posts that are thought provoking and useful. I look to her blog daily for inspiration and really how to live my life better.

 1. How do you organize your blog in general? Schedule posts? Etc. 
I have a page for each month in the back of my planner where I write down my blog titles and link ups I want to participate in. When a post is written and scheduled, it gets a check next to it. I have a separate page for people sponsoring me and blogs I’m sponsoring, and my giveaway ideas. I also have a few pages for ideas. When I’m stuck I’ll go to them first.

2. Are there any tools that you use to help you write or schedule your blog?
I use picmonkey to edit photos and make collages, photobucket to store my often used images or images I’m sharing on another blog, and Google whenever I’m in doubt about spelling or grammar. 

3. How do you think of ideas for posts? 
I write anything that pops into my head down from real life, magazines, and other blogs. If I've gotten inspiration from somewhere, I make sure to state that in the post. 


4. What's a recommendation you can give to people who are trying to get organized?
 Lists are your friend. After that, sit and think about whatever you’re organizing – how will you use it? What bothers you about the way it is now? How might you fix that? In an ideal world, how would it work?

5. Do you have a blogging space in your home?
I usually blog from my couch on Sunday mornings.

6. How do you organize yourself to read and comment on blogs?
I have blogs categorized in folders on Bloglovin’ and I read them in a particular order. I comment as I read. If I’m on my phone, I like the post on facebook or favorite it on Twitter, hopefully other bloggers know that means I read it but commenting on phones never works for me.

7. What's the most difficult part of blogging?
Reading about other bloggers whining about blogging and attempting to track down a noreply blogger.

8. You have an incredible Facebook presence, how did you develop that?
I have a lot of great friends who will share my posts with others, and I try to be interactive on my blog’s Facebook page. I don’t just post blog posts there and expect people to react to me. I participate in conversation; I’m interested in what’s going on with readers and how they do things and live life daily. People love sharing pieces of themselves and I love that they’ll do it on my page.

9. Why did you decide to start blogging? 
A few of my friends kept telling me I should, so I did. I had no idea there was a blogging community for like over a year. I shared my posts on Facebook and that was about it. The first time someone I didn’t know commented on my blog felt really weird.

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