This weekend I'm flying to Dallas to attend my 10-year high school reunion. Based on my knowledge of high school reunions, which comes from watching movies like Romy and Michele, it's an awkward event. You're thrown together with people you've avoided for the past 10 years and you're nervous, struggling to look good and prove how fabulous you've become over the past decade.

But my experience is a little different. I've stayed close to my high school friends and have gone every year to attend our annual alumni homecoming. But 10 is, well, a big deal. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school. And despite being from the huge city of Dallas, Ursuline and Jesuit (our brother school) has managed to form a lifelong, tight-nit community. I married a Jesuit guy, and we go to our annual alumni homecoming every year. In fact, we see many people there who have gone for 50 + years.

Michael and I. Senior year homecoming (2004)

For most of us in the UA class of 2005, it still seems like yesterday that we squeezed into our long white dresses and balanced the signature white floppy hat as we processed across the outdoor graduation stage, doing our well-rehearsed awkward curtsy-bow-thing. Despite going back year after year, I'm nervous. I think expectations are a little higher for a 10 year reunion.  What the heck should I wear? How will I explain what I do? I blog. I'm a blogger. Ugh. That sounds like I fool around on my laptop all day. Actually, that pretty much sums it up.


Nevertheless, here are some expectations/thoughts before my 10-year High School Reunion:

1. We should have won for best mural senior year.
Every year, our class won for best mural during intramurals. I would say I basically had nothing to do with this, I'm not an artist. But there was a certain girl who was a wiz at this, and we won every year, except for senior year! I call BS on this and claim us as the winners.

2. When is it okay to talk about the girl that got rolled up in the volleyball net by her skirt? Ever? I feel like now is the time… because that was hilarious. As was naked girl.

3. Does anyone else still wear their saddle oxfords?

4. Also… I still have my red and white plaid skirt. No, it doesn't fit.

5. Did anyone invent anything as cool as post-its?

6. Whatever, we have Melinda Gates. Thanks to her husband Bill, we got sub-par laptops that we used to secretly instant message each other during class.

7. Did anyone else marry their high school sweetheart?

8. Why does it seem all the Jesuit boys have not matured since Senior Freshman year? Did someone actually bring in a flask to an event that serves free beer and wine?

9. I wish Jordan Spieth would show up in his green jacket. (He's a Jesuit grad.)

10. Who the hell is Lee Brice and why is he playing at Homecoming? Can we get back Pat Green already?

11. I miss the days of the uniform. Where I could just roll out of bed and blindly throw on a skirt, button-up shirt, saddle oxfords and not shave my legs for at least five days.

12. Wait, that pretty much hasn't changed. Except now I wear leggings.

13. Is it acceptable to wear leggings to the reunion?

14. Does Mrs. Bourgeois remember when we told on the juniors who were watching “Mean Girls” that we were “concerned about their safety” since they were about to leave school property illegally but really we just wanted to get them in trouble because they wouldn't let us borrow the movie?

15. Who can forget the Cave? I once burned a hole in my laptop and took it Kyle at the Cave. I confessed to Father Deeves that I opened the laptop too close to a burning candle, and for the rest of Freshman year he called me “laptop”? They announced it over the loud speaker during class.
**update: Kyle and Ms. Bush (who knew is last name? he was Kyle the Cave man) are married! So Mr. and Mrs. Cave Man?

16. So, about the haunted nuns from the old photographs in the halls of Ursuline — True? Or not true?

17. We dominated powderpuff. No question.

18. I still miss the under-baked cookies from the cafeteria.

19. Sometimes we'd steal them by putting them in our sleeves…

20. Retreats were basically an excuse to get out of school and be near a lake for a few days. Also, whenever I hear the word “retreat” all I can think of is Mike Jones. And pink bandits.

21. Every time I get ready I feel like it's special. Kind of like if anyone had on makeup at school they'd get questions like: where are you going?! You did NOT wear makeup to class.

22. Serviam is still a “song” that gets stuck in your head.

23. Or it makes you think of our Senior prank when we put up posters of Ursuline Academy of Dallas Alumnae-turned-Playboy-bunny Amber Campisi with the word “Serviam” covering up her boobs.

24. This also gets stuck in my head from time to time: All across the nation there's a senior. Sensation. We're gonna take it for a ride. And move from side to side. Boom boom. Heyyy. Boom boom can you feel it?

25. I still own my white floppy hat from graduation day.

26. And my mums from homecoming.

27. I wish we still got mums.

28. Thank GOD (and Ursuline) that we didn't have Facebook in high school. Or Snapchat.

29. How is it that chokers are coming back in style?

30. Pulling all nighters only occurs now if I'm drinking. I used to do it to finish ridiculous projects for math or science. What a joke.

31. I would still gladly wake up 15 minutes early to go to Chik Fil A to meet up with the Jesuit guys.

32. Sonic drinks always remind me that I once went there every Friday of my high school life. And why is there no alcohol in here?

33. Nothing will replace the Bear Necessities mints. You have 25 cents?! You get 5 mints.

34. GO BEARS! *said in Ms. Garchea's voice*

35. I wonder if I got the average number of infractions during my time in school? Ms. Medina you suck! My dog really did eat my blazer….

36. Is it still cool to have a nickname on your shirt like we did Senior year?

37. Everyone is still friends with the same group. Which is awesome.

38. I'd go back to high school in a heartbeat.

Ursuline (and Jesuit grads) what am I missing? Leave your comments below!

I'll let you know how it went on Monday!

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