Here's the thing that I've learned since blogging full time: you do have to spend some money to make some money. I am continuing to grow and learn and change up the way I do things. I do want to have the best platforms for the courses I sell and I want to make my blog an easy place for everyone to access and learn. I've consistently built up my income since August. (You can read my August Income Report here and my September income report here).

Let's take a look at my blogging income report for October.

October Blogging Income Report:

October Income:

E-Course/Webinar Sales: $10,459.00
Sponsored Posts  $757.80
Sidebar Advertisements  $325.28
Google Ads  $108
Affiliate Links  $76.68
Freelance Writing $300

Total Income for October: $12,026.78

Total Expenses for October:

*DPD $10

Sponsorship on other blogs  $50
Photobucket  $4.99
Facebook Ads  $364
Pinterest Ads  $45
Giveaways  $100
*BoardBooster $5
*MailChimp  $50
Teachable $809.98
Stock Photography $35
Sucuri website security $199 annually
Yeti Microphone $121
Twitter Ads $35
Paypal fees $121
GoDaddy Site renewal $24.00
Pinterest course (more below) $98

Total Spent: $2,061.97

Total Profit: $9,964.81

*Denotes affiliate link

October I announced my newest course: Quit Your Job to Blog! So far, this course has been my biggest and best seller. I feel like this is for good reason, I put my heart and soul into this course.

I also started a new platform to host the courses called Teachable. I love it. I've had a few technical difficulties, but overall it's been super easy to use and update. I also moved my other course: Instagram for Success over to Teachable and I think it's much easier to follow.

I spent a lot on Facebook ads. To be completely honest with you, I need to chill out on the Facebook ads. I'm not sure I made all that much money off the ads (I need to dig a bit deeper into the analytics). But Facebook has completely revamped their ads with Power Editor. You can really really dig deep and target your ads which I'm impressed with. But I'd like to limit how much money I'm spending on that!

I took a Pinterest course that I found, somewhat randomly online. So far, I'm not impressed. I'm not going to link it because it's blah. I haven't finished it, but it's extremely basic and the first 4 modules are things if you've basically never seen Pinterest in your life. Skip.

Upcoming for November and October I'll be offering more free webinars (with some very special guests!!) and more courses to come! Stay up to date by subscribing to my newsletter.

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