I am obsessed with painting my nails. This obsession started only a few years ago, but lately it's gotten out of hand (literally.) I carry a bottle of nail polish with me at all times. Mainly, because my nail polish is always getting chipped. But I figured out (finally) how to get gel nails at home.

3 steps to gel nails at home

I hate getting my nails done. Mostly, because I'm really cheap. I also hate wasting time sitting in a chair having someone paint my nails when I really feel like I could do it myself. But I do love how long gel nails last. However, when they come off they ruin your nails.

I found a way to get gel nails, without the price and without ruining your nails. I feel like I found the holy grail of nail products. Believe me I have tried every thing.

Three Easy Steps For Getting Gel Nails At Home

How to get a Gel Manicure at Home


What you'll need:

Nail-Aid 3 Minute Artificials Polish
Your Favorite Polish (I used Essie “Guchi Muchi Puchi“)
Nail-Aid Gel Xtreme Shine Top Coat

First, make sure you have clean, dry nails. If you want to be extra accurate, soak your nails (or shower) buff your nails, and push back the cuticle.

Use the 3 Minute Artificials as a base coat. Let it dry. I waited about a minute for it to dry. I drank some Diet Coke.

Now apply two coats of your favorite polish. I found Essie works really well. It will feel a bit different when you paint it on, as if it's stickier. Wait a few minutes. I Instagram scrolled. Because I'm productive.

Then apply one more coat of the 3 Minute Artificials. Let dry for a minute.

Last step! Apply the Gel Xtreme Shine top coat and let dry. That's it. My nails look like I got them done at a salon, they have the gel look without ruining the nail and the polish hasn't come off in 7 days – no chips.

How to get Gel Nails at Home


I had never heard of this Nail-Aid stuff before, but read reviews about it right before I was going to get my nails done. This is not a sponsored post by any means, just found this stuff and was shocked at how well it worked.

Have you ever tried to get gel nails at home?

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