When I tell people that my biggest fear when moving to Nashville is making friends, they roll their eyes. They tell me, in a
sweet tone, that I'll easily make friends, that I'm outgoing. But I
honestly don't know that I am. I'm not scared to dance in front of a
crowd, sure, but I'm not exactly convinced that equals outgoing.

I'm an extrovert. I'm loud. I talk too much. I've overly expressive.
of these things are true. But as I get older, I seem to be coiling in a
little bit. The other day, I went out with some of Michael's coworkers
and I didn't talk very much. I didn't mean to be rude, but Michael
leaned over and asked, “Is everything okay?”

It was. I just didn't
speak. I noticed that I've been doing that more and more. I just don't
see a reason to. I'm very comfortable with my current friends and enjoy
my current company. Right before we were drifting off to sleep Michael
said, “You're a hermit, you know.”
It's true. I love being at
home, working on things, drinking wine, and talking to the dogs. Moving
away from everyone I know will certainly be a huge change. And to be
honest, I'm scared.

whole life is Dallas. My best girlfriends are the ones my parents
handpicked for me in first grade when they weaseled their way in to
putting me on the soccer team. I was on that soccer team until my senior
year of high school. All of my bridesmaids were on that soccer team,
went to the same grade school, that same high school, and many of them
still live in Dallas. I haven't really branched out much.

As far as friends go, we do know a couple of people in Nashville. But
other than that, I will not have my large group of friends that I can
rely on or that are a stone's throw away. I'm going to have to learn how
to make friends.

Do people still pass notes asking to be friends? Is it weird to ask a girl for her number? When offered a glass of wine, is it okay to reply with: Wine Not? I'm worried I might scare people off because as soon as I hear a song I like I'll burst into dancing and become sweaty. No one wants to shake hands with a sweaty person.

So…any tips? I'm all ears.