This is probably the number one question I get from friends and readers alike: how can I find a job working from home? I love working from home, and I don't think I could ever go back to an office. Surprisingly, in this day and age there are more and more at home opportunities, you just need to know where to find them.

How to Find A Job Working From Home
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First, think about what your skills are, and if they will work for working at home. For example, if you're a party planner, you might be able to work from home if you plan the parties remotely. If you are into social media, chances are you can ditch the corporate office and work online at your home office. Because I work in marketing, it's a little easier to find jobs that let
you work from home. A lot of communications jobs let you do this.

Some great work from home job ideas:

– Graphic Designer
– Author
– Social Media
– Public Relations
– Magazine Writer
– Marketing
– Freelance Writer
– Copywriter
– Sales
– Virtual Assistant
– Online teacher
– Administrative Assistant
– Call center agent
– Data-Entry
– Start your own business
… and so many more!
Be aware, when you are job searching there are a lot of work from home scams, you just have to know where to look, that's why I'm here to help!

Here are the actual sites I used while job searching:

1. LinkedIn – The business world's Facebook can be a great tool to find connections and jobs. It is a little hard to dig to find remote jobs but they are on there!

2. The Freelance Way of Life –  This site is awesome for both freelancer's and full time job seekers
alike. They have a newsletter that you can subscribe to where they will
send you weekly (and daily) updates about different Work At Home Jobs. (I'm a long time subscriber to this newsletter!) She also updates the blog regularly with info and tips you can use.

3. The Work At Home Mom -Although this says it's for moms there are plenty of tips and online opportunities if you're looking for a job working remotely (whether you have kids or not!) There are also helpful work-at-home articles and a forum where you can ask questions.

4. FlexJobs – This is a paid for site, but in some ways I like this because it's for people very serious about job searching. There are all types of telecommuting jobs here from all over the world. It's very easy to maneuver the site to find the type of jobs you're looking for. You also fill out a profile designed to help you choose which job is right for you or what jobs it should show you. (PS use code “FRIEND30” for 30% off the membership- I don't get paid for this, just wanted to let you know!)

5. – While this is a great tool for job searching, this is an equally wonderful at home job seeking resource. It's really easy to input where you want to work and keywords that make sense for working from home. HINT: Look up things like: work at home, remote jobs, work from home, telecommuting jobs, careers at home, etc.

Applying for Work At Home Jobs

Once you find some prospective jobs for working from home, make sure your resume is up to snuff. Include references on how you can work from home well- this will probably come up in the interview- so be prepared. They'll want to know how you can work from home without being distracted.

Work at Home Interviews

In my expereience, you'll have multiple interviews: phone and face-to-face via webcam. I did a couple of Skype interviews when job searching- so you'll need to dress professionally. Since I work in writing, I was asked to provide samples and produce some work before being hired.

As far as scams go: if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is!

I absolutely love working from home because I feel more focused. I tend to get easily distracted by chatty co-workers, so for me, this is the perfect situation. I also save time on commuting (I hated commuting to work- anything longer that 20 minutes and I was annoyed.)

It's not always easy to find the right work at home job for you, so just be patient!


P.S. have a question for me? You can ask it here.

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