Ah, the age old question: How do I get more followers? Well maybe not age old, but it does seem to be a question, particularly with bloggers and social media addicts. Bloglovin, in case you're unaware, is a way to read and follow along with blogs and many websites that update regularly. I was looking around and didn't see any guide for Bloglovin' so I thought I'd create my own.

For my blog, Bloglovin' has been a key contributor to my pageviews. People follow it there when they want updates on my blog. As soon as Bloglovin' gained popularity, I jumped on it. First, and foremost, because it's easy to use, and organize the blogs I follow into folders. Secondly, because I saw immediate traffic from the site. My traffic almost doubled when I started emphasizing Bloglovin'. 

A Complete Guide to Bloglovin and how to get more Bloglovin' followers

The Complete Guide to Bloglovin:

Whenever I have a post that's well received on Bloglovin, my traffic immediately shoots up. What do I mean by well received? I mean people are clicking that “heart” or save next to the post, bolstering up it's status. When you click on the “Explore” tab in Bloglovin you will see some of the popular posts from all categories. Then, you can also click on the various sections, such as: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Home & Food, and more. If your post gets enough likes (or saves) it will likely show up there. Then, others will see your post, click on it, and hopefully follow your blog.

As you can see from this snapshot, my posts' get 0 likes to 100s, depending on the type of post. When you post about something a wider audience is interested in (ie, blogging, fashion, cooking) the more likely you are to get saves. I'm not saying post like this all the time, clearly, I loved my post about 4th of July in Nashville (and it got a fair amount of hits on it's own) but to gauge more Bloglovin' hits, you'll need to post more niche topics.

Something else you can do? Ask for likes. It always boggles my mind that people feel embarrassed to ask for something on their blog. You are putting a lot of time and effort into something, you can ask people to share! So, you can ask for likes or encourage people to like your post as a giveaway entry. I do this almost every time with Rafflecopter giveaways and it makes it so easy for people to like the post.

I also use Bloglovin' as a research tool. I look at the popular section to see what people are interested in, what they are clicking on, and who are they following. This helps me not only gain an understanding of important topics (topics I might want to take on) but it helps me discover new blogs too.

How to Get More Bloglovin Followers:

Right off the bat, make sure you install the Bloglovin widget on your blog. Make it super easy for people to find or even add it to the bottom of your blog posts. To find the widget, go to Bloglovin –> hover over your profile picture –> click “widgets
There, you will find the variety of widgets they have to offer. Bloglovin claims that having these widgets on your site increases your follower count ten-fold.

When you're posting on your blog, keep in mind that the first image you have on your blog is the one that will be displayed on your Bloglovin feed. No matter how catchy your headline, people's eyes will go to a beautiful image.

Furthermore, Bloglovin' pulls the first few sentences from your post, so make sure the writing is clear and interesting to gain reader's attention. Also, keep in mind the image size. You can see from the screen grab above how the images look.

Like with any social media tool, you need to publish content often. The more quality content you publish, the more people will read, relate, and follow your blog.

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