Let's get real for a second: we'd all like more followers. Sure, you can say that having more certainly isn't everything, but as a blogger or business owner or avid social media extraordinaire, it's always nice to gain followers. 


Because when you gain real followers it shows you that you're doing something right. People are interested in what you're doing, you are connecting with them, and you're on your way to growing your blog. 

Through the 3+ years of blogging and my 6+ working in social media, marketing and advertising, I've learned the proven and researched strategies to help bloggers and businesses gain more followers. 

And by followers, I don't mean people that are following you because you follow them. Or don't have any interest in what you offer. But engaged, targeted followers and readers that want to be part of your story. So that's why I'm offering a FREE, live webinar: Get More Followers.

Why should you care about gaining followers? Well, as you can see from this graph below, one of the top sources of traffic to my blog is via social media. When you gain real, targeted followers, you have more blog views, more people are interested in you, what you offer, and care about being part of your story. (Not to mention might also buy from you as well.)

 Out of the 155,000+ hits I had last month, Social media made up almost 30% of that!

I'm so excited about this webinar, so let's get right to it. Here's what I'll be discussing:

– My secret formula for gaining targeted, engaged followers, every single DAY!

– The best times to share on various social media platform, and how often to post to each

– How to streamline your social sharing and create visuals that work

–  How to become useful to your audience, they WANT to follow you and share your work

– The simple steps you can take right now to immediately gain a following!

+ Live Q&A and a SECRET Private Community that you can join right now!

Has this been done before?! I don't think so! A private community dedicated to help you grow your blog following right now? HECK YES.

I'm going to show you how to get real, engaged followers. I'm even going to show you how to figure out if someone is faking it!

The training I'll show you live is what people usually pay for. I'm doing it for free!

Where: Live, online, Register here (I will be the only one on camera, so you can be in PJs and with a glass of wine…)

How: Once you're registered, I'll email you will all the details, including your link to the private community!

Cost: $0.00

Get pumped: Use the hashtag #GetMoreWebinar to share!

I know that this time of the year is busy, so I will be sending out a replay to all those that can't attend. But if you can, don't miss the live session for the live Q&A and a special bonus. For many, that's the best part because you find so many new bloggers to connect with.

We all know it's not just about followers, it's about engagement. It's about creating a community of actively engaged readers that want to share your work. I want to show you how to do just that!

Click here or the button below to get exclusive access to this awesome training! Can't wait to chat next week.

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