Dear Bloglovin,

Hey girl (I'm assuming you're a girl, correct me if I'm wrong). How are you? Look, I've been on good terms with you ever since Google Reader decided to say peace out and a lot of us merged over to your greener pastures. I will say you're easy to organize, you flow nicely, and you're pretty. I especially like to peruse your “popular post” section; and when I say peruse I mean stalk.

But there's something we need to talk about. I have a big problem with you. You need to realize that not all of us are fashion bloggers. Some of us blog about *gasp* other things unrelated to fashion. There are times when I don't even have a post with clothing in it at all! I KNOW! It's shocking, but it's true. The reason that I'm upset with you is your recent “Bloglovin Awards.” It's such a great concept to recognize those making a name for themselves in the blogging world. But I think you forgot something.

Of course you want to recognize the fashion bloggers. The men's fashion bloggers. The best beauty blogs (which, we all know, is the pretty, younger sister of fashion blogging). But almost every single blog, even those listed in the “Best Lifestyle Blog” and “Best Writing Blog” are all categorized as fashion blogs.
I think you're missing a huge factor when it comes to bloggers: those that just write. Those that take tough topics in our society and actually post about them. Those that make humorous quips about everyday life. Those that write out captivating articles that influence others or teach us something.

I know that these bloggers (myself included and other much much larger bloggers) don't make as much money as the fashion world. We don't get as many page views. But that doesn't mean we should be overlooked.

Maybe you only wanted to include the “beautiful” people at your awards ceremony. Maybe you thought no one really cares about the real lifestyle bloggers. Or the ones that know how to turn an old piece of trash into something of value. The bloggers that give heartfelt glimpses into raising a family, having a career, and juggling a blog. While I do think fashion bloggers are obviously a huge part of the blogging industry, I think you strayed away from a key component.

I'd like you to reconsider and look at bloggers that don't fit the fashion mold. They just might surprise you- they're making a big splash, just not in designer clothing.

Sincerely Helene,
Aka a Bloglovin “Lifestyle” blog 

So I want to let you all know that I heard from Mattais, co-founder of Bloglovin' and head of Product Development, after this post went live. It was refreshing that Bloglovin' would spend time to reach out to the “little people” and he did let me know that they are working on updates for the future to help smaller bloggers (aka not just fashion blogs) gain exposure.  He does hope next year they can include broader categories.

I think what I struggle with the most is that it's hard for bloggers like myself to make a name for ourselves. Not having a niche is difficult when it comes to blogging. I'm not sure I know of how to fix that but you can bet I'm going to try!
What are your thoughts?