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I was sitting on the plane staring out the window looking at the storm rolling past us. “There is moderate turbulence,” flight attendant said and and I made eyes at Michael, worried we wouldn't be making it home. The girls in front of me were talking about the bachelorette party they just had in Phoenix. They recounted drinks and parties and I was tired just listening to their antics. But then I heard one of them say, “Oh no I took the day off of work tomorrow.” I sat there realizing how tired I was and wish I done the same.

Every single time I come back from vacation I say to myself, “You should have taken a day.” One more day to relax and rejuvenate before starting the work week. Vacations are never really relaxing, they are always go, go, go! Arizona was no exception. I'll be recapping that wonderful, interesting, life-threatening trip tomorrow.

I need some time first to rejuvenate and relax. I'm doing just that today. No, I didn't take the day off, but I can get in my “Me Time” (if you know me, you know this is very important to me) without forgetting my responsibilities.

I headed to Target and picked up US Weekly and People Magazine for a little escape from the real world. I also picked up some ingredients for one of my favorite drinks, a Moscow Mule. It's really easy, but very delicious. It also happens to be the perfect little escape, when you don't take an extra day.

1 1/2 ounces of vodka
Juice of 2 limes
1/2 cup ginger beer
1/2 tablespoon minced ginger
Ice cubes

That's it! I take the ginger root to a cheese grater and put it straight in the drink. You can also go to Target an pick up other things you need. You know, like I really needed this bag, crochet top, copper mugs, and nail polish. Oops!

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How do you find your me time?