As I was checking my blog's Facebook page I
noticed I was tagged in a picture. Odd, since this was my page, not my
personal profile. I crossed my fingers it didn't have anything to do
with the meme that won't go away. Luckily, it was the Dallas A-List
naming the winners for the annual Best of Dallas, in which Dallas residents vote on their favorites in several categories.

                             The Dallas skyline taken from the Trinity River after the recent flooding.

For the second year running, I won the best blogger in Dallas for 2015! Thank you
to EVERYONE who voted for me and for spreading the word. It really means a lot. I'm shocked and honored and grateful!

Even though I'm moving away from Dallas soon, I will always think of it as my home. So while we're on the Dallas subject, I'll share one of my favorite Dallas memories:

One summer when I was about 8 or 9, my mom and I were in our neighborhood — me on my bike, she was walking. My parents live in Dallas (many people say they live in Dallas when they actually live outside of the 635 loop) in a fairly affluent neighborhood.

We were going along when a man on a horse trotted by. I almost fell off my bike. I looked up, squinting at the man. My mom didn't recognize him at first, but when he spoke, she knew immediately it was Ross Perot, who had run for president just a few years before.

He smiled and said in a high-pitched voice, “How y'all doing this fine afternoon?”
I was shocked to see a horse on my street and I just sat on my bike, bewildered.

Despite what a lot of folks think about Dallas, most of us don't ride horses to work. But you might run into someone who does. Maybe even a former presidential candidate. It's the kind of thing I love about Dallas. You just never can tell.

Again, thank you to the Dallas A-List, and thank you all again for your votes! You can check out the full list of winners here.