Love really can come in all forms and ways. You just never know how it's going to happen. Mine happened in high school, of all places. When I found a boy who loved music, life, and even dancing as much as I did. Our opposites were the good kind and our morals just happened to be in line.
One thing that fascinates me these days in the online world of dating, particularly Tinder. It's given the younger crowd an opportunity to feel comfortable dating online. No longer do you need to spend strenuous hours cultivating a particular profile. You just link it to Facebook and set your mile radius and swipe away to find a mate.

This past weekend we were talking about Tinder. (In case you're unaware, Tinder is a dating app for your phone that you choose who to meet up with or talk to based on looks, generally.) One of my guy friends is looking for a real relationship. Some of the others in the group retorted that you can't find that on Tinder. That the app is simply just for hooking up, and that's about it.

I very much disagree. You see, my best friend, Lyndsie found her boyfriend of over a year by using Tinder. They are happy, and awesome together, but let's get some back story shall we?
Lyndsie is one of my favorite people on the planet and in my eyes, a catch for any guy. She's gorgeous, fun, hilarious, a great dancer, and on top of that, interesting. 

She dated around, I know, since I got to hear all of the details. But dating is time consuming. And so, she tried out Tinder. I remember her downloading the app, I thought, is this even legitimate? What if you get stalkers? 
She talked to a few odd balls. She had some conversations via the app that could have landed her on “Tinder Lines“. Then she started talking to Kevin. He lived in Fort Worth (about 30 minutes outside of Dallas) and they began chatting regularly. Then they started meeting up. She's not dumb, of course, she drove herself and met in well lit areas. But this guy was the real deal. Smart, cute, funny, and would go out dancing with her (a very big must in our book.) Despite him graduating from UT's (her alma mater) rival A&M, they got along great.
They moved the conversations off of Tinder, on to text, and then phone. They met up regularly. They found out they had a lot in common, including birthdays just days apart. When he got a job outside of Dallas, they kept their relationship going. 
They now visit each other almost every weekend and I'll be attending their joint birthday party in June. They are a great couple, one that you can't help but have fun being around. And you know what? They met on Tinder. 
****UPDATE June 19th 2015, They are engaged!
Would you try Tinder? What have you tried in the dating scene?