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This past weekend was an event to celebrate, one of my best friends was getting married in Austin, Texas. There were going to be lots of friends there from high school. I thought it would be fun to bring along Cubero Luxury Cigars for the occasion. Which reminds me of one of my favorite high school memories.
Cigars make you feel like you're celebrating a big event. A birthday, a wedding, a baby, you name it. But they also have a special place in my heart.
I know that sounds a little weird, but cigars, Michael, and I go way back.
Back to high school.
I was at a house party with my friends, summer before senior year of high school. It was a normal night of the same people at the same place, but I saw some guys I'd never seen before.
One of them was smoking a cigar. It was odd,  but I assumed it was a special occasion. I waltzed up to the group of guys and tapped the one with the cigar on the arm.
We chatted the night away.
He got my number later that night.
That guy was Michael.

And later he would be my husband and we would go to weddings together and break out the cigars. And he would also make this face when I would ask him to take a picture:

Who would of thought a cigar brought us together?

Boys will be boys.

These guys. Nothing ever changes as soon as we get back together (which is really almost every weekend). This was the group of guys at the party senior year. Really, nothing ever changes and I like it like that.

The love birds first dance!

It was fun to bring out the cigars for the special occasion. It's not something they would do often but just for fun events.

I truly think cigars are great for special occasions, they just make things feel special. Check out Cubero cigars at Walmart and like them on Facebook to make any night a special one! You never know what it might lead to.

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