This past weekend I found myself looking up the hashtag “CoachellaFashion” or “Coachella2015” on Instagram. 1,000s upon 1,000s of the beautiful  people in their ethereal clothes flood my screen. At first, I think, oh cool, looks like fun. Then I realized that all of these people are trying incredibly too hard to be earth people. They all look the same. And when did Coachella become about what you're wearing, and not the music?

Coachella 2015
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I'll take Tomorrowland over Coachella any day. Or maybe I'm just jealous.

Anyway, today I have a fashionable, fun girl for you to meet (if you haven't already) named Ashley of The Nashvillian. I'll let her introduce herself!


Hi Helene in Between readers! I'm so happy to be joining you today! Helene's blog is one of my favorites to read, so this is a real treat. 🙂

My name is Ashley and I blog over at The Nashvillian where I write about food, fashion, fun, and well, pretty much anything. Many of my posts highlight all of the above items taking place in Nashville (hence, the name), but sometimes I post about my travels and other very random things.

Today, however, I'm going to talk to you about why I'm not a fashion blogger.

You see, I love fashion, I really do. I love and admire fashion bloggers. I tend to post about fashion myself from time to time, but I just wouldn't be able to do it all the time. And here are all the reasons why:

Clothes cost $$$$$, and I'm broke as a joke. I mean, I can afford to live. And I can even reward myself with nice things from time to time, but I'm on a very serious spending freeze until I pay off my wedding from centuries ago last July. I've crunched the numbers and estimated that it will take me another 27,272 years. So yeah, that puts a wee bit of a damper on my fashion blogging aspirations.


Sometimes, I'm less like:



And more like:


I have a really hard time being serious in “photo shoots.”
 I like to post photos like this:

Just as much as I like to post photos like this:

I'm far from perfect. Fashion bloggers are flawless and perfect, and I want to be just like them when I grow up. Meanwhile, I'm over here like: 
My husband hates taking photos of me. It often goes something like this. Me: “Honey, we need to go get outfit photos today.” Him: “Ugh, ok. Where are we going?” Me: “I don't know. Let's drive around until we find someplace with a really cool backdrop like the real fashion bloggers do.” Him (hesitantly): “Fine.” About 45 minutes of driving goes by. Him: “Just pick a place already!” Me: “Nothing is good enough. And the lighting totally sucks today. Plus, it's too cold. Let's just go home.” Him: “Ok.” Me: “What?! No! We have to find a place!” We finally settle on a spot. Me: “Ok, just get a shot of me like this.” (doing some ridiculous, awkward-looking pose). Me: “Ugh, no. Not like that. You're holding the camera wrong. Why are you so close to me? Back up. No, wait. Come closer.” And it goes on and on like that. Can you blame him for not wanting to be my photographer?

I really like food. I don't know what my blog would be if it weren't filled to the brim with pictures of food and me eating said food. JUST GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD PICTURES! and I will be a happy little blogger.

And, sometimes, getting dressed is just. plain. hard.And there you have it. All the reasons I'm not a fashion blogger. To all you fashion bloggers out there, keep on doing what you do. Your job is not easy.

To all of you aspiring fashion bloggers, I'm giving away a $25 Nordstrom gift card! Yippee!

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