The other day I instagrammed a picture, like I do most days. Immediately after, I start worrying: will everyone think this is stupid? Is the lighting weird? Do I look gross? Is this too selfie-like? It's real sad.
As I sat waiting to see if anyone liked my photo, I thought of the MTV True Life series. One episode I remember in particular was True Life: I'm a high school cheerleader. It was a high school in East Texas (I think, I don't really remember) and I was immediately engulfed in the stories and their struggles. Today I thought I'd put together what my MTV True Life Story might look like.

True Life: I Agonize Over Instagram
I sincerely will take 50 photos and maybe like one of them. Then I stress over all of the above. Then I try 20 different filters and usually go with the one I always use. It's a sickness.

True Life: Buzzfeed Is My Only News Source
No matter I'm out of touch on major issues. Who relies on Buzzfeed? Me. I do.

True Life: I Pick My Pimples
Is this really gross? I'm sorry. But if I feel one coming on, it's got to go. I can't help it. 

True Life: I Hate Driving
Michael drives about 80% of the time. The 20% of the time when I have to drive I complain about it. I hate driving. If I'm ever mega wealthy I'm hiring a driver. (It may also be because I've been in 5 ish wrecks…)

True Life: My Dogs Are My Kids
I know, they aren't real children. I know the responsibility is very different. But really, I do LOVE them like they are my children. Okay?

What would your MTV True Life Story be titled?