Newsflash: I tend to be set off fairly easily. It's not something I'm proud of, but I just can't help it. The other day I was in the grocery store peering at onions, deciding which two would suffice for the dinner I was cooking. An older gentleman was on the opposite side of the display, glancing at sweet potatoes.
“Smile.” He said.
I looked up, bewildered, “What?”
“Just smile,” he echoed.
I heard him, but now I felt like doing the opposite. Here I am, just trying to figure out whether I should go with the sweet red or white shallot, really whichever one would least likely make me tear up upon cutting. But now, I needed to smile. I'm a happy person, I don't need a stranger telling me to display that on my face.
I tossed both in my bag, showed my teeth in a way that showed I was not having any more from him, and pushed the cart along.

Millie just told me she has better hair than me. I wasn't mad, just hurt. The truth hurts sometimes. 

Here are other ways to make me mad. Believe me, it's easy.

Tell me I look old. Or better yet, that I am old. Or remind me I'm almost 30.

Tell me to go gluten free. Do you have celiacs? I don't.

Cut me off in traffic. Or, honk at me when the light's green when a guy on crutches is trying to cross the street. Rude. (This happened recently, ohh I was mad.)

My name is Helene. That's like Hell + lean. NOT Helen. Never Helen.

Don't give me credit. If I helped with the idea say it. If I had a hand in it, say so.

Say something bad about my dogs. My dogs are my kids. You mess with them, you mess with me.

When a woman says she isn't a feminist. Really?

Showing something funny or interesting to someone and them having no reaction. Do something. Anything.

There are more, but this feels sufficient for now. What makes you mad easily?

And now a blogger who definitely doesn't make me mad: Kaelene from Unlocking Kiki. This girl is pretty much the coolest. She's not your average “travel blogger”, she lives the dream in Iceland and if that's not enough to convince you, her pictures will. She just got back from a magical trip to Amsterdam, but I got her to give me some of her time to tell me all about her blog.

When did you know you wanted to start blogging?
 I was a blog reader for years lurking behind the scenes and thinking of what I would write about if I had a blog. At one point my mom suggested I start a blog sharing stories about me and my dog, kinda like a Marley and Me story, which sounded awesome to me since I love sharing pictures of my dog, but not really something I wanted to commit to blogging about.

Anyways, fast forward to last winter and I found myself starting a new life in Iceland with more free time on my hands than I knew what to do with. Everything was new and interesting to me and I thought, now I have something interesting that I want to blog about. With that little bit of courage I hit publish on my first post and ta da Unlocking Kiki was started and I have been hooked ever since.


Why did you choose to go to Iceland?
It all started with an international fling with a handsome man from Iceland that I met in Australia. This international fling then turned into a long distance relationship, which then turned into me packing my bags and moving 4,000 miles, all in the name of love.


Tell me one thing that travel has taught you?
 Be open to everything. Traveling will bring so many new experiences your way that will not only be some of your favorite memories but will also change you more than you think. I used to be very shy and not very open to trying new things. Now I try to be a “yes man”, within reason of course, but saying yes and getting out of your comfort zone, that is when all those unforgettable memories happen.


Have you always wanted to travel?
 I grew up in a small town (like I am related to half the town small) so traveling was always a dream of mine. When I was in University I knew doing a semester abroad was my chance to get out of my comfort zone and travel. So at 21 I packed my bags and headed to Australia for my first international adventure where I spent 4 months in the beautiful land down under and haven’t stopped traveling since!


Tell us about traveling for love, it sounds like a romance novel!
 Traveling for love is exactly like the perfect romance novel. I mean small town girl goes out for her first solo adventure, meets handsome Viking, they fall in love and travel the world together happily ever after. Someone really should be writing a novel about my life!

No but really, traveling with your significant other is the best. You get to experience so many new things and have your best friend by your side, doesn't get much better than that!


Where do you find inspiration?
When I am feeling in a rut and lacking inspiration the first thing I do is get outside and spend some quality time with nature. Maybe it is the fresh air, or the ridiculously gorgeous Icelandic nature, but a day spent outside always leaves me feeling inspired.


What's one of your favorite posts you've written?
 I am going to cheat a little and share two, but there goodies I swear! If your a fellow blogger check out this post I wrote owning up to my blogging flaws, because I like to keep it real. And if your a travel lover, or just enjoy pretty pictures, spark your wanderlust with this post! 

Now go on and drop by Kaelene's blog!