I know we all love our guys. And that's great.
But sometimes they are the worst. And we never talk about it.
Yes, he's the love of my life and all that jazz, but he has some imperfections. 

Let me tell you why my husband sucks sometimes.
This Monday is my birthday. Instead of asking me what I would like to do this weekend or tell me what fun thing he had planned, he tells me that he is going camping with his best friend.
I look him square in the eye and say “Do you not remember this is my birthday weekend?”
His eyes widen. “Oh, yes, well you can come.”
Thank you. Oh Thank you. I would just love to go camping in the coldest month of the year with a broken ankle. 
I was pissed. 
And he knew it. 
He has now invited all my friends. What am I supposed to do? Sit at home and wallow by myself while everyone else is gallivanting in the woods? No. 
I am going, dammit. 
I don't really want or have to go. But I am. 
So this weekend you can catch me in Oklahoma sitting around the fire, with my leg propped up, with a glass of something strong, trying to forget that my husband decided this would be a fun time for me.

He is really not smart sometimes.

One thing I am NOT fighting is the fact that Justin Timberlake's music career is coming back.
I almost cried watching this video