I feel like I haven't sat down to recap what's been going on, and there's quite a lot. So today, I wanted to do a little post about what's been happening.

In case you missed my late night post yesterday, I'm going to Memphis this weekend for the Beale Street Music Festival. I haven't been to Memphis since I was 13 and I visited my aunt. My only requirement was seeing Elvis' home. I had a slight obsession with him back in the day. And by slight I mean I collected memorabilia and had an Elvis themed birthday party.

Wearing all of my Rocksbox jewelry. Full disclosure: I have always
thought monthly subscription boxes were kind of silly. I like to shop. I
like to pick out my own stuff. But this Rocksbox thing is awesome.
It's jewelry that either I would've never thought of wearing or that I
might not choose because of the price. And now I get it all once a month
and I can pick and choose pieces that I like. Like everything that I
got this month and I rocks box. This Kendra Scott necklace is normally
$80 and I got it for only $40!You can use code “heleneinbetweenXOXO” for half off your first month's subscription!

Wondering what to give Michael for our 4 year wedding anniversary. I really should be better about this stuff. But I'm not. Any ideas??

Cheering on the Mavs! Sarah and I were lucky enough to get (FREE) tickets to the Dallas Mavericks playoff game this past weekend. Fingers crossed they can keep their heads in the game.

Jamming hard to Armin Van Buuren's new song “Another You“. Just trust me on this one. It's a straight jam.

The Best of Big D voting has started. One of my all time favorite restaurants, Lavendou, is in the ranking. If you don't mind, take a few minutes and vote for my all time favorite French restaurant. Also, if you want to vote for all the categories or need a restaurant idea, check out this post on Helene's Best of Big D.