Lately my a lot of my weekend playlists have a theme, depending on what I'm doing. But today, I thought I would tell you about my favorite songs I'm listening to right now, on repeat, of course. Hopefully, this will get your Saturday started right.

1. Ty Dolla $ign ft B.O.B. “Paranoid”

I'm going to start with a hip hop song (I know, not EDM for once). This song is a banger. It's got a good beat and makes me want to start bouncing.

2. Calvin Harris “Summer”

I mean, it's almost Summer and it's Calvin Harris, you really can't go wrong with this one. It instantly puts a smile on my face.

3. Futurecop!, Cavaliers of Fun “Atlantis 1997 – Lifelike remix “

This is a pretty song to listen to, especially while driving or just getting the party started. It picks up at about 2:04 and you'll really start swaying.

4. Sage the Gemini, Dave Aude Remix “Gas Pedal”

When I first heard this song it wasn't the remix and I didn't think anything of it. Then I heard the remix and I'm obsessed. It just needs to be a fast song. Thank you very much.

5. R3hab & Deorro  “Flashlight”

Just a good song to jam to on any given day. It has a fun beat and makes you want to get up and grab a mojito or tequila shot.

6. Starkillers “Ride”

The title of this song is perfect since I feel like I'm on a ride listening. It starts slow and then hits you right in the face. Just like I like it. 

7. Sigma, Third Party remix “Nobody to Love”

 Best for last! This right here is your new jam. I'm serious, one listen and you'll be hooked. I was.

What are you currently jamming to?

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