I get the hiccups a lot. So often, in fact, I've developed my own cure for stopping them, almost immediately. I'm what you could call a chronic hiccup-er. Despite what you've heard, curing them has nothing to do with getting scared. Or drinking water. Actually, you don't need anything.

Screenshot from the video. It kind of looks like I'm hiccuping, so I went with it.
It really works every single time. Yesterday, I happened to have the hiccups and decided it was a good idea to record a quick video on how to cure them. You can thank me later.

Some notes about this video/if you can't watch this at work.

Here's how I do it:
1. Blow out all your air, so hard you push your stomach out. Hold your breath.
2. Swallow three times- while holding your breath
3. Count to 10. 10 long-ish seconds. It kinda hurts.
They're gone.

If they didn't go away, then you're not doing it right. Michael does this incorrectly, hence it doesn't work for him.
I know this video is a bit odd, but that's me.